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Throwback: September 2016 Hikes at Walker Woods, Cawthra Mulock NR, Heber Down CA, and Nashville CR

I had a rather productive first year of hiking. September came with the cooler weather and I managed to maintain my weekly goals. This month in 2016 I visit Walker Woods, Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve, Heber Down Conservation Area and Nashville Conservation Reserve.

Walker Woods

Merely McCool - Walker Woods Trail Map Walker Woods is a cross roads of quite a few trails and hiking spaces. In here, you’ll find the Great Trail and the Oak Ridges Trail, as it winds through Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest, among other hiking areas. There is a lot to explore here and I suggest you give yourself a good chunk of time. Make a day of it! Pack a picnic.

Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock September 2016

Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock September 2016

Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve

Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock Trail MapCawthra Mulock is another hiking are along the Oak Ridges Trail, this one is located in Newmarket. Plenty of parking on either side of the reserve. This area is not as large as others I’ve visted but still very pretty and makes for a nice little while out in nature. Bring your camera because there are a lot of beautiful views along the way.

Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock Thistles Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock Golden Fields Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock Oak Ridges Merely McCool - Cawthra Mulock Yellow Flowers

Heber Down Conservation Area

Merely McCool - Heber Down Trail MapHeber Down was a last minute outing for me. I almost skipped this weekend, but I managed to drag myself out. This conservation area has a nice looping trail through beautiful wooded areas and over babbling brooks. You can even following the connecting trailing in to a neighbouring park in Whitby.

Merely McCool - Heber Down Wooded Path Merely McCool - Heber Down Knotted Roots Merely McCool - Heber Down Winding Path Merely McCool - Heber Down Pretty Bridge

Nashville Conservation Reserve

Merely McCool - Nashville Conservation Trail Map

Nashville is a wonderful hiking area close to the city. Unfortunately, this is one of my hikes where my pictures were not so lucky to make the jump from camera to computer. Just means I’ll have to re-visit this lovely trail sometime.

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