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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Woodend Conservation Area to Brock University

I’m not feeling half as terrible as I thought after hiking over 15km on yesterday’s trip along the Bruce Trail. It was our first day out chasing our new challenge: complete the Bruce Trail. Today we’ll make it to Brock University.

Today we venture out on a shorter trip, starting out where we left off yesterday at Woodend Conservation Area.

The trail heads west on the other side of Taylor Rd, and runs through a little wooded area. There was a large hiking group just ahead of us that we navigated around here. Some people are really not good about sharing the trail.

Brambles on the golf course

We come out on a golf course and head right back in to the brambles that kind of divides the course. It’s more grey than yesterday, makes everything kinda blah.

We’re a little disappointed in the lack of abandoned golf balls. Clearly someone picks up after the less pro golfers haha.

Spillway aka giant vehicular water slide

There some sort of spillway opposite the golf course. We brainstormed several ideas of what it could be used for and then settled on the obvious: it was a giant vehicular water slide that was abandoned after the tragic incident of 1984, where the young Oldsmobile (pictured?) took its last ride.

This section of the trail has a lot more road walking than we’d like. It starts just after the golf course. We ended up on Glendale Ave, which we had just driven down to start this hike.

Geese on the GM Plant lawn

The GM Plant is also along here and hosts a gigantic flock of Canadian geese. We were wary approaching this group, but as with everything, the Toronto Canadian geese are just assholes. This group geese calmly, and noisily, moved from our path. Not a single one poatured or attacked us.

Thanks non-Toronto wildlife. You give me hope.

For whatever reason, I didn’t take a picture of the bridge over the Welland Canals Parkway. It was a massive metal monstrosity, and if you lose the trail markers, which are few and far between, just head over the bridge. You can’t miss it.

Welland Canals Parkway trail

We part ways from Glendale Ave (for now) and head down the paved path of the Parkway.

This trail map doesn’t include the Bruce Trail. Nor does it show “You Are Here”. But it does give me some good options for future trips.

The Bruce Trail follows this paved path to the train bridge and under. We start to gain Elevation, which is among our least favourite things, and then the trail veers right and heads back in the opposite direction, back to the train tracks.

Spring-like winter trail

A short romp through a wooded area gave us the ability to time travel to a more Spring-like day. It looks like April out here. Thankfully less muddy.

We cross Merritt St and down a small dead-end called Ball Ave. This is where we came upon a couple walking thier dog.

On sight of us, they immediately turned around and started walking back along the Bruce Trail. Weird. We ended up following them for the next kilometer, which they probably thought was weird, but like, you turned around directly in front of us? Not sure what they expected to happen there haha.

Anyway, after following them through Mountain Locks Park, we end up back on – you guessed it – Glendale Ave. Queue ridiculous amount of road walking. Lame.

Road walking on Tremont Drive

You’ll make a left off Glendale on to Tremont Dr and think your road time is near over. You’d be wrong. Tremont is longer than it appears and a literal uphill battle.

Eventually we break free.

Wide open forested trail

The trail behind the Tremont neighborhood was my favoyrite part of today. I love spacey, uneven forested areas.

There are other trails around in here but the Bruce Trail is well marked and easy to follow. It is connected to the Glenside Quarry Naturalization Site, which seems to have some connection to Brock University.

Brock University Trails

Now we know our day is ending soon. Brock University is where we’ll find my car, but the parking lot is a little off the trail.

The Bruce Trails exits the naturlization area onto Glenridge Ave. It continues on westward behind the university proper, but we head up to the hospital.

The Bruce Trail at Glenridge Road

Not because we’re dying for over exertion or anything. That’s just where we parked.

That’s 2 of 67 outings completed. Here’s our stats for today:

  • Length: 10.31km
  • Time: 2:26:04
  • Elevation Gain: 230m
  • Average Pace: 14:09/km
Samsung Health hike tracking

Next up: Brock University to Short Hills Provincial Park.

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