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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Rockway Conservation Area to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

Heck yes hiking. It’s soo good to be getting outside again. Today we pick up where we left of at Rockaway Conservation Area. It’s a lot easier going with the slightly cooler temperatures this weekend. No mud!

Rockway Conservation Area is a pretty little forested trail. There is a side trail heading north in to the park but the main Bruce Trail leads you down west and crosses the creek. A short while later we’re crossing Ninth Street.

On the other side of the road the trail heads behind a shooting range. I imagine in nicer (non-covid) weather this area might be a little louder.

If you’re afraid of gunfire you might wanna hustle through here. But don’t miss your chance to meet Bogey! He wasn’t out when we passed which was very disappointing.

There’s a few steep climbs across three creeks in this stretch. We passed a man that was supposedly walking with his dog off leash but we never did see the dog. Also disappointing.

We come across our second side trail of the day which is a loop through Louth Conservation Area. The sun’s nice and high now in the beautiful blue skies. It makes my terrible photography look much better haha.

The Bruce Trail turns through some other conservation trails, so keep an eye out for the white markers. Soon you’ll follow a creek down the escarpment that leads to a waterfall. I have no idea what the falls name is but it’s dedicated to Loyd (with one L).

After the waterfall the trail climbs up. Its always up. Once we’re up we follow the trail along the creek above the waterfall. The ground gets rockier here with big crevices. My favourite kind of trail. Followed by my least favourite kind of trail when we exit on to Staff Ave.

This starts about two kilometers of road walking. All around this Staff property. It’s windy as hell and I don’t like it. But there was this neat mechanical S, and this pile of rocks. The trail reenters the forest at some gate which I forgot to take a picture of.

Soon after we drop down a switchback and cross over another stream. There’s a big flat rock under the water and a nice little waterfall of sorts. Super cute. The third side trail of today is Jim Rainforth. This loops back to the main trail just before the next road crossing.

We continue through the forest and head up after crossing the bridge. There was some guy taking his son up the creek, and as we see from above, to get closer to some waterfall. I also can’t find the name of this one.

Then we’re at another road to cross, and the other end of the Jim Rainforth side trail as mentioned above.

At Nineteenth Street, there’s a lot of mittens in trees. There’s also a lot of bushes with berries which give a nice contrast to all the grey and brown.

It’s a short trip through here to the next and final road crossing at Glen Road. On the other side there’s a sign for Twenty Mile Trail from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. This means we’re now in Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, our final destination for today.

Ball’s Falls is a pretty little area with historic significance. The trail slowly descends and follows the Twenty Mile Creek for a bit, with a few other connecting conservation trails around. Then it gets rocky and sloped along here so watch your footing.

The creek comes to some rapids and then we see something really unwanted: stairs. Lots of them.

We were completely unprepared for these but we made it. Slowly. There is a bench at the top so you can be comfortably seated when you die. With a decent view of Dugout Pond.

To the right, there are more stairs and thankfully they lead down. This is where the historic village is located. We wandered around for a bit but there were a few crowds scattered so we decided to leave.

We can always explore tomorrow morning before anyone is around! Which we will.

And that’s all, folks! Until next time, enjoy some more random stats from various tracking apps because apparently nothing tracks anything properly.

Samsung Health / Google Fit / FitBit

  • Distance: 8.2km / 12.21km / 9.34km
  • Time: 2:59:23 / 3:02:24 / 3:04
  • Elevation Gain: 331m
  • Pace: 21:51/km / 14:55/km / 19:32/km

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