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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Kinsmen Park to Grimsby

This is the end of the Niagara section! 1 club down. 8 clubs to go. This is also trip 7 of 67, so over 10% complete now.

When we first set out today I thought the trail went down the stairs at Kinsmen Park. Which usually means we have to climb back up again. I am not about this business of going up. Thankfully it went west back in to the forest.

After a short walk away from Kinsmen Park we come out on Leonard Cres. There’s a sign here for a cat being out loose. But it’s cold and snowy so there was no cat out for us unfortunately.

We go back in to the forest at the end of the street and the trail makes a big u-turn. Someone took thier ATV all through here. I’m hoping it was the vineyard people. Theres a lot of them through here. The trail follows a driveway up through and between at least three before spitting us out on to Locust Lane for some Road walking.

We make a right on Mountainview Road and continue for about a kilometer before we reach Mountainview Conservation Area. The Bruce Trail heads back in here and straight up the escarpment.

The trail was a bit tricky to find in the snow, but from the driveway it’s diagonally across the parking lot in the far corner. I wonder if the green of summer hides it too.

After that grueling climb we get to fight with footing. The snow definitely helps along here. The trail becomes quite technical with roots and rocks and deep crevices. I highly recommend some decent ankle support.

At the border of Mountainview Conservation Area is Angel side trail that leads north to some other parking area. The main Bruce Trail continues west. It’s slightly less uneven through here away from the escarpment edge.

We come out at Walker Road and hang a right for more exciting road walking. So exciting that I took exactly zero pictures. At Thirty Road we take another right and keep walking along the road past a bunch of houses until finally the trail takes a left back in to the forest to cross over Thirty-Mile Creek. There’s a logbook here for hikers to sign.

Onwards we march across the creek with unfrozen water. Apparently it’s moving fast enough to defeat the cold. It’ll get you, too, creek. Just yo wait and see.

Anyway, we come out on to Park Rd at a parking lot. The trail heads up the street and makes an immediate right on Ridge Rd. There’s no sidewalk and several cars passed us on the short walk along here so be careful.

We get back in hiking half way down the escarpment and behind a bunch of houses. It’s nice along here, somewhat protected from wind. Half cracked trees threatening to fall on us. Yeah.

Then it gets weird and cuts through what seems like someone’s side yard but I guess it’s a road allowance? It really is difficult to identify things through snow. Anyway, back out on to Ridge Road again for more walking around the corner.

It gets weird again because the trail heads up a shared driveway and re-enters the forested escarpment to the right of some person’s garage. Oh and then it plummets. Theres a rope to kinda help you but hiking poles are definitely your best friend here – if you know how to use them (I suggest you learn how to use them).

More mid-escarpment trail with one excellent views across the lake, until we exit on to Mountain St.

After another short stint in theorist, the trail detours from the app a bit here since the footbridge over Forty Mile Creek is apparently out of commission. So instead of turning on Gibson St as expected, the blazes take you to Elm St. Which is fine by us since this is where we parked.

The end. For Niagara anyway. Onwards to Iroquois! Have some stats:

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 14.24km / 14.93km
  • Time: 4:11:37 / 4:11:48
  • Elevation Gain: 359m
  • Pace: 16:08/km / 16:50/km

Up next: Grimsby to Lewis Road

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