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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Ball’s Falls Conservation Area to Kinsmen Park

This is trip 6 of 67 for our Bruce Trail end to end challenge. We left off at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area yesterday. It was a little crowded by the time we got back around noon, so we took the opportunity to explore it better this morning with no one around.

The Bruce Trail crosses the creek on Sixth Ave and passes through a little grassy park area. We then head up and on to what seems like a driveway for a short jaunt. From here you can see Ball’s Falls from the other side.

We leave the gravel and hit the dirt through some foresty around the vineyard. The trail follows the edge of the escarpment high above the Twenty Mile Creek. There’s something of a lookout where the trail takes a sharp left. It wasn’t much of a view today but maybe when everything isn’t so grey.

More gravel road walking on to Fifth Ave. Theres a house here that’s set up like mini farm and I think if it wasn’t the dead of winter there might be chickens running around.

At the end of Fifth Ave we head across Victoria Ave and up across the edge of a field. The trail disappears in to the brambles, through more forest and over a turnstile. A short while later we come out on to Moyer Rd.

From Moyer we head down towards a creek, and then of course climb right back up. We follow some sort of driveway again for a while then cross over it. This area was really pretty but not much to say about it haha. And then we were at Cherry Ave.

Theres a climb at Cherry Ave up some natural rock “steps” and then along the deep creviced rock path. At some point the trail keeps right with a large step down, but we missed it and wandered along the boulevard of some vineyard for a bit.

After correcting that, we got back on the trail for a long walk through a forested area. Just before we get to Cave Springs Conservation Area there’s a sign letting you know you’re at the point of the very first Bruce Trail blaze from 1962.

Cave Springs Conservation Area sees us back on top of the escarpment for some half decent views. You can see Toronto across the lake from here. It’s practically local.

The moss on rocks is really nice too for some colour contrast and continues for the rest of our hike. Nearer to Quarry Road there’s some building with a giant pile of wood chips.

Out across Quarry Road the Bruce Trail starts crossing through some other trails in the area so watch your blazes. Lots of moss rocks continue on this side with lots of deep creviced paths.

At some point the trail goes up over a large step of rock with a thin crack you can use as a foothold. The blaze is on the tree above it. If you’re looking down at your feet so you don’t trip, you’ll probably miss it like we did.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty obvious very soon after that you’re not on the trail anymore haha.

After a few more criss crossing trails, we come in to Kinsmen Park proper. Lots of trails in here and wide open between trees. You can clearly see where all the looping trails end up but our mission is the Bruce Trail so we’re sticking to that.

I particularly like the gigantic rock propped up on top of the ledge here. It kinda looks like a cobra head.

And that’s a wrap for today! Enjoy my wildly varying tracking app stats. I gave up on FitBit again. So just Health and Fit.

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 11.65km / 13.46km
  • Time: 3:31:34 / 3:31:33
  • Elevation Gain: 350m
  • Pace: 16:01/km / 15:40/km

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