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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Tiffany Falls Conservation Area to Governors Road

There are a few snow storms and squalls blowing through Southern Ontario this weekend, which is really putting a damper on our hiking plans. We decided to cut one of our predefined sections in half, and spread it over two days to save our legs.

We carefully made our way back to Tiffany Falls parking lot hoping it wasn’t too terribly snowed in. The place is still busy enough that it’s fairly packed down, so yay. On to the trail we go, as it continues to snow on us, across Wilson St E. Not long after we’re back up to cross the street yet again.

We’re now hiking past another feature waterfall of the are, though mildly less popular than Tiffany it seems. Sherman Falls is crawling with people through the summer. It also goes by many other names because apparently all the new owners of the property feel the need to rename things.

The Bruce Trail hooks back to the road but takes the left just before. There is a side trail that leads to more parking here, and loops back to the main trail further on. We climb up and cross behind someone’s property and in to the forested area of the south section of Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

We first pass Canterbury Falls and it’s side trail that forms a loop in this lower area. The falls isn’t much of a falls, and I don’t remember this being any more of a falls through the summer but the pictures on the info board tell another story. Guess I need to time my visits better.

We continue to follow the Heritage trail through the woods. This forest area is large enough to lose most of the sounds of the city surrounding it. The snow probably helps a lot. So much snow everywhere and still falling. It’s building up on our shoulders.

We find the other end of Canterbury side trail and continue westward.

We keep left at the other end of Artaban Road side trail, over the bridge and up a hill. Skiers were going down as we climbed up and it looked way more fun. Signs here say we’re on the main loop of Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

There are several trail crossings through here, with signs letting you know where some highlights are. At one point we follow a sign towards Griffin House, but it’s slightly off our path at the next junction. Another sign said Hermitage was to the left, but we went right and figured we wouldn’t see it.

Turns out the Bruce Trail ends up looping around to Hermitage after a few more corners. A facade of a building that burned down in 1934.

More snow lanes throughout Dundas Valley as even more snow Falls. This is a very popular hiking area for sure. Plenty of people out despite the weather, not as many on skis as you would think. The Bruce Trail winds its way out of the forest and crosses the rail trail, also called Brock’s Route, by trail centre.

Here is where we leave the main loop and head north. This is less traveled and we’re back to breaking through the snow. The northern section here has many more intersecting trails, and several nice benches for what might be nice viewing in better weather.

The Bruce Trail follows a path that quickly loses its width back to a single track. We descend and cross over a bridge then climb back up and skirt a field. One more steeper hill has us almost dying. And finally we’re out on Governors Road where we parked.

Just as I exit the trail I heard a crunch. Up the street a car ended up in the ditch. The driver was OK but a good reminder to us to be careful on our drive home now.

Here is our terrible stats from today:

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 7.2km / 7.44km
  • Time: 1:55:59 / 2:02:16
  • Elevation Gain: 255m
  • Pace: 16:05/km / 16:25/km

Next up: Governors Road to Sydenham Lookout

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