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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Mountain Brow Park West to Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

A-hiking we will go despite negative double digits and a biting wind from the northeast! From the top of the escarpment we head west from Mountain Brow Park West on Concession Street.

We’re navigating on our this morning as the Bruce Trail app is currently taking us on an unblazed path through some side streets. If you recall, yesterday we had to backtrack a bit to a side trail to get back to the car because the blazes headed straight instead of turning where expected.

Anyway, it’s boring road walking so we try to get it over with quickly. After weaving through a bunch of side roads, we come out on West 5th St, and join the blazed trail again at James St S. And here we descend down a steep set of muddy stairs.

This is a really pretty part of the Bruce Trail with a nice cliff face to our left. There is some frozen water coming out of the wall here as well. The next road we end up on is Beckett Dr. Thankfully it’s just a crossing here. As the sign says, it’s busy along here and you can’t see around the bend, so be careful.

We follow the footpath through a forested area for a bit then pass Hillcrest side trail. Shortly after we come upon more escarpment stairs but there are still not the ones for us.

We use the rail trail to cross over a creek. Chedoke Falls is nearer to the street. The Bruce Trail cuts back off path back into forest and up some less intensely steep stairs.

Now we’re in to Chedoke Park as we meanders through the little forest there is above the park. The Bruce Trail joins the rail trail at bottom of some escarpment stairs which seem to be really popular with runners. Robert MacLaren side trail is up – still not for us!

Theres a nice little waterfall behind a fence and then we follow wide path of the rail trail to some funky bridge.

The bridge crosses creek with Sanatorium Falls and continues with a nice cliff, on either side for a while, then it opens up on the right side. Along the cliff is another falls called Princess Waterfall. We pass the other end of side trail Robert MacLaren side trail where the loop connects again. The rail trail continues west, but we follow the Bruce Trail as it hooks right and heads back in to the forest for a short bit.

Shortly after we reconnect to rail tail only to cross over the creek at a “scenic” falls. The rail trail here is also side trail Iroquois Heights, which forms a loop. For now we go back off in to wild on the right. The Bruce Trail reconnects with Iroquois Heights and rail trail after a bit.

At the meeting with Iroquois Heights side trail, the Bruce Trails goes right and crosses over the 403. It’s very windy across here, naturally. Down on the other side is a long graffitti wall and then we come up to take a right on Filman Rd. Theres a bit of road walking here until we come upon more parking at the end of the street. Now we’re in the last piece of forested trail before we get back to the car.

Thia is a nice little woods area. We pass Filman Rd side trail, which was confusing because we juat got off Filamn Rs. Turna out the street breaks across this forest area. Weird.

And of course our day wouldn’t be complete without a serious uphill battle just as we near the end. And then lots of steep, and gigantic, stairs back down to Wilson St E, which is where we are parked.

We cross street and hike alongside of the road then detour farther in to the forested area a bit. Finally we come on to the turn for Tiffany Falls side trail. Theres a bit more a climb back to street level, then we have to wait for traffic to cross the street again.

It’s real busy here as usual. Maybe we’ll go see the falls next time. Stats! Stats! Stats!

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 11.99km / 12.48km
  • Time: 2:43:10 / 2:49:45
  • Elevation Gain: 333m
  • Pace: 13:35/km / 13:35/km

This is the first time Samsung and Google agreed on anything!

Next up: Tiffany Falls Conservation Area to Sydenham Lookout

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