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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Lewis Road to Felker’s Falls Conservation Area

Today started with a vertical climb up Lewis Rd side trail to the mid-escarpment again so we could continue along the Bruce Trail towards Hamilton.

We pass McNeilly Rd, which we just drove down. This is now Vinemount Conservation Area. There’s a railroad clearing above us on the escarpment but no trains passed while we hiked here.

Next we pass the first side trail of Jones Rd. Theres a small waterfall here, but it just blended in to the ice and snow. Soon after, we exit Vinemount.

We were also not the first on the trails here, as we hiked behind what seemed to be raccoon tracks.

Shortly before the next road crossing another side trail we pass is MacDui, with roadside parking and then even more parking at DeWitt Rd.

Our raccoon hike leader tagged out and in came some new tracks. It might be a fox?

On the other side of the road, Millen Rd side trail is soon our next. This one is short and near to the neighbourhood below. At least we’re in forest and not on the street there.

A short time later, and passed a grove of those wonderful gold leaved trees, we pass Oakridge Drive side trail.

I don’t have much to say about this trail. It’s just a lot of mid escarpment hiking dotted with side trails and road crossings. It’s pretty enough, just nothing very remarkable.

Our next road crossing is also a railroad crossing at New Mountain Rd. Pretty sure the trail signs would be hidden in the green of summer here. Just make sure you cross diagonally so that you’re over both the road and railroad. Then you’re back in the forested trail again and on your way.

Not long after, we come to a steep set of stairs with lots of graffiti and enter Devils Punch Bowl Conservation Area with its giant cross. There’s an old closed trail that might formed a loop but now it’s just one way to the parking lot on Devils Punch Bowl side trail.

And of course since we went down, the Bruce Trail has to climb back up again.

We exit the conservation area and head back down on the trail. A small bridge crosses what we assume is a small creek and the the trail crosses under Centennial Parkway.

And because we can never get a break from up, the trail climbs steadily up to Glover’s Falls side trail.

Fortunately we don’t end up climbing the entire way. The main Bruce Trail veers right and heads over to Veever’s Park side trail before entering Felker’s Falls Conservation Area. From here you get some pretty nice views. Not as nice as the lake views we had earlier, but ok.

The Bruce Trail follows the escarpment as it rounds its way nearer to the falls, past a bright blue tree. Felker’s Falls is a very pretty waterfall. Even mostly frozen over. I’d love to come back here in other seasons.

Then we continue on a long walk around the creek to get to parking. That’s all for today, folks! I leave you with our stats from my tracking apps.

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Length: 13.07km / 13.55km
  • Time: 3:27:51 / 3:36:53
  • Elevation Gain: 547m
  • Pace: 15:53/km / 16:00/km

Next up: Felker’s Falls Conservation Area to Mountain Brow Park West

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