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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Grimsby to Lewis Road

Here we go on to the second club of the Bruce Trail. Iroquois is one of the longer sections at about 120 kilometers.

We leave our parking at Grimsby Lion and head up Gibson St. The snow plays tricks on us and we follow some footprints until we realize this is a lawn, not the trail. Farther up by someone’s garage is the trail. So weird going through residential areas.

This takes us into Beamer Memorial Conservation Area which is a really nice little park. Fantastic views. I took way too many pictures here.

But to get to the views we have to climb. Up the escarpment. There are stairs, which you would think makes it better but it doesn’t. And the way the trail curves around a cliff here is deceiving. You think you’re at the end but- surprise! There’s another set of stairs.

But as much as that climb sucked, did I mention the views??

When you manage to peel yourself away from those views the trail zig zags south, criss crossing with other conservation area trails. Toward the southwest end of the park you come out on a wide opening with a tall platform in the middle of it. The signs here tell us this is a fantastic viewing area for hawk migration in the spring.

The trail goes wide around this area and leads out to parking. After exiting the parking lot on to Quarry Rd we take a right and begin a long stretch of lame road walking down Ridge Rd. I say lame but there were horses so it was OK I guess.

The trail makes a right at the stop sign on to Woolverton Rd and finally, after passing the open or so houses, we get off the road. We end up in the second conservation area of the day: aptly named Woolverton.

We’re still on top of the escarpment here and the views kept coming at us through a good chunk ofWoolverton Conservation Area. It’s too bad its so overcast today or we’d probably be able to see home from everywhere haha.

Eventually, the trail drops down to the middle of the escarpment. We lose some views but we’re protected from the wind so there’s that. We pass two side trails in here, Adam Dopko and Cline Mountain.

The Bruce Trail makes a smooth transition from Woolverton to Winona Conservation Area just passed the border of Niagara Region and Hamilton. We are officially out of Niagara!

Just before we are about to cross over Fifty Rd, there’s a dilapidated hunting platform to the north. This thing has serious bones as its currently supporting itself and the tree that fell on it at some point. Theres also a sign about a doggo nearby but yet again there was nothing around for us to pet.

After crossing Fifty Rd we come upon a tree with a giant crack in it. And it’s making a lot of creeking noises. I thought for sure it was going to disintegrate as passed by. But it didn’t. And that was nice because we got one last opening for a beautiful view.

We’re almost back to the car now! And the super steep decent at Lewis Road. I am so not looking forward to climbing back up that on Friday. The wind was wild along the street.

That’s the first stretch of Iroquois section down and we’re feeling pretty good. Here are our stats for the day:

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 12.13km / 12.61km
  • Time: 3:05:19 / 3:13:45
  • Elevation gain: 369m
  • Pace: 15:15/km / 15:20/km

Next up: Lewis Road to Felker’s Falls Conservation Area

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