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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Governors Road to Sydenham Lookout

Here’s the second half of our trip yesterday, to save our legs from the trail breaking exhaustion through all this snow. We got another 5-8cm overnight but today is still much nicer with sunshine though bitter cold. Off north we go straight up through conservation land.

The trail takes a right and follows along below a railroad. This time a train did pass by us and it was super loud. To the south there’s a golf course, though that was difficult to tell with all the snow until we joined Woodley Lane at the golf club house.

This starts a long stretch of monotonous road walking. We make a right on to King St W. And zig zag through back streets. I zoned out through the longest stretch along Melville St. And we ended up overshooting Sydenham St where we were supposed to turn. Oops. Extra block!

The Bruce Trail continues up Sydenham St around the bend. There’s a side trail here to go to Tew’s Falls (which is currently closed). We come up on the west side of the road and round the corner on the north side but need to cross here to the south side in order to follow it around the east side for the next corner. You get all that??

We’re parked just up the street here at Sydenham Lookout but the trail dives back in to the forested area and drops below as the street continues to climb. We rejoin the road on the other side of the parking and backtrack on Sydenham Lookout side trail. Done!

Time for some stats for our second half of this hike:

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 7.42km / 7.67km
  • Time: 1:52:25 / 1:57:25
  • Elevation Gain: 252m
  • Pace: 15:06/km / 15:20/km

Next up: Sydenham Lookout to Smokey Hollow Waterfall

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