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Bruce Trail: Iroquois | Felker’s Falls Conservation Area to Mountain Brow Park West

Another blistery cold day. The temperature is lower than yesterday but there’s less wind and more sun so it almost makes up for it. We start out on the other side of Felker’s Falls as the trail follows the top of the escarpment.

Felker’s Falls Conservation Area isn’t all that large on this side and we soon exit, as we pass the first side trail to Paramount Park, which we just drove by.

The Bruce Trail passes by another side trail for Kingsview Drive. Then a short piece of road walking, though the road is no longer in use it seems as it hasn’t been plowed.

We hike under Redhill Valley Parkway and enter King Forest proper. Another side trail here, Mountain Brow, which loops around the forest and connects to several other side trails and parking. This is also the side trail you want to take to see the Albion Falls and Buttermilk Falls.

The Bruce Trail crosses over Red Hill Creek and follows it north for a bit, passing Red Hill Creek side trail. This side trail connects to Mountain Brow side trail looping back to about where we entered.

Along here are some interesting stairs with hand rails built from branches. And then we then come up on Green Hill Avenue side trail.

We continue northward on the Bruce Trail towards Kimberly Drive side trail and out of Kings Forest. We also come across our first passing of escarpment stairs. Thankfully not for us to climb – yet! Does have some stellar views.

We make a sharp left and cross over the rail trail. The Bruce Tail keeps in sight of the rail trail but weaves through forested area just above it. Then we eventually join the rail trail as it passes over Kenilworth Access.

We follow the rail trail for a long time to the end at Wentworth St S. Then we climb stairs. A lot of stairs. Straight up the escarpment.

Our stairs end at Sherman Access but side trail continues all the way up. The Bruce Trail does continue to climb the escarpment of course, because our trails are always up. Its just in the wild instead of stairs. Well there are some makeshift stairs but you know.

This is the last piece of forested trail for today. We exit on to Arkledun Ave and take a right. We’re coming up to the end of our day and the trail is gradually descending across a bridge now. My car is parked at the top of the escarpment so something is not right.

I pull out the app only to find us several hundred meters off course. Ugh. Back up the bridge we trudge and head up some more stairs on what is blazed as side trail Sam Lawrence Park.

Finally back to the car and out of the cold! Here is my multi-conflicting tracking app stats:

Samsung Health / Google Fit

  • Distance: 11.98km / 12.44km
  • Time: 2:46:38 / 2:52:17
  • Elevation Gain: 360m
  • Pace: 13:53/km / 13:50/km

Next up: Mountain Brow Park West to Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

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