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Spring 2021: Cosmetic Work on Endless Love

Now that I’ve been on Endless Love for a couple summers, I’ve got a better idea of some work that I want to do here.

The mechanics of the boat are in pretty decent shape, and anything I want to change is out of budget right now.

So instead, I’m focusing on the cosmetics. I hope my design choices don’t end being as terrible as I fear they will be, but I guess that’s up to fate haha.

So what am I doing? (Spoiler alert: I have no idea!)

  • Refinish interior teak
  • Replace vinyl floors
  • Change countertops and surfaces
  • Reupholster dinette
  • Replace v-berth cushions
  • Clean and re-caulk everything
  • Refinish exterior teak
  • Remove headliner
  • Revamp hatch screens
  • Repaint the hull

First and foremost, I’m starting with cleaning up and sanding all the interior taking and refinishing it. I want to lighten the wall colour a bit, and a deeper shade on the trim. I’m not entirely certain how to do this but I’m told it can be done. I just definitely don’t want to paint any of it!

A marina friend, C, pointed out that once I clean up the teak walls, the floors won’t match anymore. The previous owner had matched them to the current teak. And since I’m changing that, it’ll look odd. So I’ll be changing the floors too, for some lighter whitewash wood pattern.

The countertops are currently a dark, speckle tile. The tiles drive me crazy. Impossible to clean tile countertops! Instead, I’ll be doing a laminate sheet in a white marble. Much nicer.

Currently the dinette is a beige stripe textile. I don’t mind the pattern, but man, do I hate textile fabric. Sitting on it in shorts I get to display the imprint on my legs for the next little bit. So it’s got to go.

With the lighter floors and lighter countertops it’ll really brighten up the place already. Thinking the dinette can go with a neutral mid-tone grey. The vberth will have the same fabric over the new cushions.

If you’re an interior designer (or just have a better eye for these details), feel free to correct me in the comments at any time haha.

Recaulking, I’m told, is an annual job and I haven’t done it in the last two years. So this Spring will be a recaulking extravaganza! All hatches, all windows, any other seams I can find. I’m even pulling up the rails and sealing those screw holes again.

I have a small leak (big surprise) on the starboard side that drives me crazy. I’ve been living with bowls strategically placed to catch the rain as it worms its way all over the damn place. That (hopefully) ends this Spring.

With the resealing of everything, that includes the hatches, which are teak. And they have greyed terribly without care for quite a few years before I took ownership. So it’s time to pay those some attention.

There are also a few teak pieces on the fly bridge that are in desperate need of serious assistance. The drink holder is actually split in two. So that needs to be glued back together. As does the swim platform. Should be fun.

Luckily C really enjoys teak work and has offered his services for all the fun to come haha.

Once the leak(s) is fixed, or at least slowed significantly, I won’t feel so bad about all the interior work. Plus I can finally rip out the headliner that’s been collecting its own “fun guys” all this time.

And with that gone, I’ll have to affix the hatch screens again. They’re currently velcro’d to the headliner. The two that still remain anyway. I suppose I’ll take this opportunity to fix the one in the cabin.

Last but certainly not least, I’m having the hull repainted. Definitely the biggest change – not just in surface area. Its going from white to a deep red! All the fittings will be chromed or blacked out, I can’t decide.

Then just like that, Endless Love will be like new! Seems super easy to write it out like this.

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