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The Never-Ending Bucket List of Trails

This page hosts a running list of hiking trails that I plan to visit. As I cross them off my list, a link to the blog post will be added. This will pretty much never end, as I am continuously finding new hiking trails to explore, or having them recommended to me. Hopefully this will keep me more organized, so I can more easily find my next destination!

Merely McCool ZeeMap of Trails

Be sure to check out the map for a more visual representation of my travels: click here!

The Bucket List of Hiking Trails

Bruce Trail

North Terminus
Inglis Falls (GSCA)
Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve
Mission Road
Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest
Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve
Devils Glen PP (Ganaraska)
Nottawasaga Bluffs CA
Boyne Valley PP
Splitrock Side Trail
Speyside North & South Side Trails
Oliver Creek Side Trail
Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area (Oak Ridges) (TRCA)
Terra Cotta CA (CVC)
Glen Haffy CA (TRCA)
Belfountain CA (CVC)
Ken Whillans Resource Management Area (CVC)
Britton & Cox Tract (HRF)
Hilton Falls CA (Conservation Halton)
Kelso CA (Conservation Halton)
Rattlesnake Point CA (Conservation Halton)
Crawford Lake CA (Conservation Halton)
Kerncliff Park
Scotsdale Farm & Duff Pitt
Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area (Conservation Hamilton)
Short Hills PP
South Terminus

Trans Canada Trail

Rattray Marsh CA & Jack Darling Memorial Park
Dundas Valley CA
Ferris PP

Ganaraska Trail

Western Terminus (Bruce Trail) (Devils Glen PP)
Eastern Terminus

Oak Ridges Trail

Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area (Bruce Trail)
Jokers Hill & Thornton Bales CA
Beagle Club

National Parks

Bruce Peninsula NP
Georgian Bay Islands NP
Point Pelee NP
Pukaskwa NP (Day 1, Day 2)
Rouge National Urban Park (TRCA)
Thousand Islands NP
Fathom Five National Marine Park
Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

Provincial Parks (Golden Horseshoe)

Darlington PP
Bronte Creek PP
Short Hills PP (Bruce Trail)
Forks of the Credit PP (Bruce Trail)
Holland Landing Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve
Sibbald Point PP

Provincial Parks (Southwestern)

Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Hope Bay Forest Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Inverhuron PP
Lion’s Head PP (Bruce Trail)
MacGregor Point PP
Sauble Falls PP
Smokey Head/White Bluff Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Clear Creek Forest PP
Rondeau PP
Wheatly PP
John E. Pearce PP
Lighthouse Point and Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserves
Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Duncan Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Pretty River Valley PP (Bruce Trail)
Point Farms PP
Pinery PP
Komoka PP

Provincial Parks (Eastern)

Frontenac Provincial Park (2017; Day 1, Day 2)
Murphys Point PP
Bon Echo PP
Bonnechere PP
Foy Property PP
Driftwood PP
Lower Madawaska River PP
Charleston Lake PP
Algonquin PP

Provincial Parks (Central)

Boyne Valley PP (Bruce Trail)
Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Mono Cliffs PP
Silent Lake PP
Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve
Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands PP
Ferris PP (TCT)
Presqu’ile PP
Arrowhead PP
Bigwind Lake PP
Hardy Lake PP
Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls PP
Six Mile Lake PP
Kawartha Highlands PP
Mark S. Burnham PP
Petroglyphs PP
Balsam Lake PP
Awenda PP
Beattie Pinery PP
Devils Glen PP (Bruce Trail) (Ganaraska)
Earl Rowe PP
McRae Point PP
Noisy River PP (Bruce Trail)
Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Nature Reserve (Bruce Trail)
Springwater PP
Wasaga Beach PP

Provincial Parks (Northern)

Lake Superior PP
Mississagi PP
Nagagamisis PP
Pancake Bay PP
Potholes Provincial Nature Reserve
Dana-Jowsey Lakes PP
Esker Lakes PP
Fushimi Lake PP
Kettle Lakes PP
Rene Brunelle PP
Tidewater PP
Aaron PP
Blue Lake PP
Rushing River PP
Eagle-Dogtooth PP
Sandbar Lake PP
Sioux Narrows PP
Woodland Caribou PP
Fairbank PP
Misery Bay PP
Finlayson Point PP
Marten River PP
Samuel de Champlain PP
French River PP
Grundy Lake PP
Killbear PP
Mikisew PP
Oastler Lake PP (Seguin Recreational Trail)
Restoule PP
Quetico PP
Chutes PP
Halfway Lake PP
Ivanhoe Lake PP
Killarney PP (Day 1, Day 2)
La Cloche PP
Mashkinonje PP
Obabika River PP
Windy Lake PP
Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater PP
Kap-Kig-Iwan PP
Kakabeka Falls PP
Neys PP
Ouimet Canyon PP
Pigeon River PP
Rainbow Falls PP
Ruby Lake PP
Sleeping Giant PP

Never-Ending Bucket List of Hiking Trails in Ontario - Merely McCool
Never-Ending Bucket List of Hiking Trails in Ontario – Merely McCool

Toronto and Region Conservation Area

Albion Hills CA
Altona Forest
Boyd CA
Bruce’s Mill CA
Claireville CA
East Duffins Headwaters
Glen Haffy CA (Bruce Trail)
Heart Lake CA
Kortright Centre for Conservation
Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area (Bruce Trail) (Oak Ridges)
Petticoat Creek CA
Rouge National Urban Park
Tommy Thompson Park
Glen Major Forest
Walkers Woods
North Walkers Woods
Brock Tract

Conservation Halton

Kelso CA (Bruce Trail)
Hilton Falls CA (Bruce Trail)
Rattlesnake Point CA (Bruce Trail)
Crawford Lake CA (Bruce Trail)
Mount Nemo CA
Mountsberg CA
Robert Edmondson CA

Halton Regional Forest

Acton Tract
Conley Tract
Coulson Tract
Britton & Cox Tract (Bruce Trail)
Elliott Tract
Finney Tract
Frank Tract
Halton Complex (Currie, Mahon, Robertson, Turner Tracts)
Laking tract
Snyder Tract

Credit Valley Conservation

Island Lake CA
Terra Cotta CA (Bruce Trail)
Belfountain CA (Bruce Trail)
Ken Whillans Resource Management Area
Elora Cataract Trailway
Limehouse CA
Meadowvale CA
Rattray Marsh CA
Silver Creek CA
Upper Credit CA

Conservation Hamilton

Christie Lake
Confederation Beach Park
Devil’s Punchbowl
Dundas Valley CA (TCT)
Eramosa Karst
Felker’s Falls
Fifty Point
Fletcher Creek
Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area (Bruce Trail)
Tiffany Falls
Valens Lake

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Fort Willow (TCT)
Minesing Wetlands
Nottawasaga Bluffs (Bruce Trail)
Osprey Wetlands
Petun (Bruce Trail)
Tiffin Centre
Tottenham (TCT)

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Bailey Ecological Park
Durham Forest Tract (Oak Ridges) (TCT)
Durham Forest Timber Tract
Goodwood Tract (Oak Ridges)
Holland Landing CA
Pangman Springs (Oak Ridges) (YRF)
Scanlon Creek CA
Sheppard’s Bush CA
Thornton Bales CA
Whitchurch CA (YRF)

Simcoe County Forest Tracts

Tottenham Tract

York Regional Forest

Bendor and Graves Tract
Brownhill Tract
Clarke Tract
Cronsberry Tract
Dainty Tract
Eldred King Tract
Hall Tract
Happy Valley Tract
Hollidge Tract
Metro Road Tract
Mitchell Tract
North Tract
Patterson Tract
Pefferlaw Tract
Porritt Tract
Robinson Tract
Scout Tract
Zephyr Tract

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

Bognor Marsh Management Area
Bruce’s Caves CA
Epping-John Muir Lookout CA
Eugenia Falls CA (Bruce Trail)
Feversham Gorge
Hibou CA
Indian Falls CA
Inglis Falls (Bruce Trail)
Jones Falls & Pottawatomi CA
Massie Hills Management Area
Old Baldy CA
Spirit Rock & McNeill Estate CA

Quinte Conservation

Depot Lakes CA
H.R. Frink CA
Macauly Mountain CA
Massassauga Point CA
O’Hara Mill Homestead and CA
Potter’s Creek CA
Sheffield CA
Vanderwater CA

Otonabee Conservation

Harold Town CA
Selwyn Beach CA
Warsaw Caves CA

Kawartha Conservation

Durham East Cross Forest CA
Fleetwood Creek Natural Area
Ken Reid CA
Pigeon River Headwaters CA
Windy Ridge CA

Humber River Trails

Humber Valley Heritage Trail
Old Mill Discovery Walk
William Granger Greenway

City Park Trails

Ardagh Bluffs (Barrie)
Boom Camp (Blind River)
Gamiing Nature Centre (Bobcaygeon)
Wilderness Park (Bobcaygeon)
Kerncliff Park (Burlington)
Emily Tract (Kawartha Lakes)
Somerville Tract (Kinmount)
Culham Trail (Mississauga)

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