Merely McCool - Hiking, and Crafting, and Beer - oh, my!

About Merely McCool

This is where I tell you all about me, and my little corner of the blogging universe. I am Mia, and I’ll be your host around these parts.

The majority of what I write about is my Hiking Trips. Every weekend, I try to get out and explore a new trail. All these new trails are found within day-trip driving distance from the Greater Toronto Area – that’s where I live! I share the location, trail maps and (free!) parking information, as well as my personal stats for that day – time spent on trail, distance hiked and elevation gained.

Other topics of interest I’ll be covering at Merely McCool might include things like:

  • Boat Life; I did this crazy thing where I bought a boat, knowing nothing about boats, and now I live on it full-time.
  • Programming; My day job is a QA Engineer, and I’ll share my knowledge on this from the beginning – come learn with me.
  • Crafts; I have always been very artsy-craftsy, and I still enjoy creating gifts for friends and family, when time permits.
  • Beer; I’m one of those craft beer lovers, constantly trying new varieties, and I may post a round-up here and there.
  • Books; I am an avid reader of fiction novels. I love getting lost in a well-thought-out character’s world. Let’s see if my shelf matches yours!

I also Guest Author over at – check it out for even more awesome Outdoors related articles!

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to find me on social media or use the form below.