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Spring 2021: Cosmetic Work on Endless Love

Now that I’ve been on Endless Love for a couple summers, I’ve got a better idea of some work that I want to do here. The mechanics of the boat are in pretty decent shape, and anything I want to change is out of budget right now. So instead, I’m focusing on the cosmetics. I […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Ball’s Falls Conservation Area to Kinsmen Park

This is trip 6 of 67 for our Bruce Trail end to end challenge. We left off at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area yesterday. It was a little crowded by the time we got back around noon, so we took the opportunity to explore it better this morning with no one around. The Bruce Trail crosses […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Rockway Conservation Area to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

Heck yes hiking. It’s soo good to be getting outside again. Today we pick up where we left of at Rockaway Conservation Area. It’s a lot easier going with the slightly cooler temperatures this weekend. No mud! Rockway Conservation Area is a pretty little forested trail. There is a side trail heading north in to […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Short Hills Provincial Park to Rockway Conservation Area

Today is our fourth trip along the Bruce Trail. We’re still in the Niagara section, over halfway through now. We hiked from Short Hills Provincial Park to Rockaway Conservation Area. My tracking app is still being a piece of shit. At the 2km mark, Samsung Health told me I only traveled 0.67km. Um, yeah, no. […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Brock University to Short Hills Provincial Park

This is our third trip on our mission to complete the Bruce Trail this year. Today we start up again at Brock University and make our way to Short Hills Provincial Park. Last night it rained, then froze. So to begin we were slipping on a sheer layer of ice over the sidewalk. Fortunately today […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | Woodend Conservation Area to Brock University

I’m not feeling half as terrible as I thought after hiking over 15km on yesterday’s trip along the Bruce Trail. It was our first day out chasing our new challenge: complete the Bruce Trail. Today we’ll make it to Brock University. Today we venture out on a shorter trip, starting out where we left off […]

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Bruce Trail: Niagara | South Terminus to Woodend Conservation Area

If you caught it last week, you know I’ve set out on a mission this year to complete the Bruce Trail. All 900 kilometers. If you didn’t catch it, well.. now you know. Ideally I’d like to do them all in order but my hiking partner has other plans. So I’ve broken the trail down […]

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2021 Challenge: Hiking the Bruce Trail End to End

Hello and welcome to my loftiest goal as of yet! 2021 is going to be packed with local hiking – assuming we don’t get ticketed and/or thrown in jail because of lockdowns – all the way from Niagara Falls up to Tobermory at the top of the Bruce Peninsula. This hiking trail is called the […]

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Welcome, 2021!

Here we are: twenty-twenty won. Err, I mean 2021. Yeah. So I haven’t been all that great with resolutions the past few years, but I’m going to make some more. What are resolutions good for if not for being broken? Haha. So here it is, the 2021 edition: drink more water: the ultimate goal here […]