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Where to Start With Hiking Gear (Before the Essentials!)

You’ve been scrolling and double-tapping forever on those #Hiking and #Outdoors photos on Instagram, and now you’ve decided to take a turn at your own Insta-worthy shots – awesome!  Fortunately, hiking is a relatively inexpensive hobby to get in to. But there is some basic hiking gear you should consider before you even get to […]

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How To Find a Hiking Trail

The question I am most often asked is “how do you find all these hiking trails?” and I can never really narrow down my answer. I have all sorts of resources, and I usually just give the one that relates to whatever trail was the topic of conversation before the question. My audience is usually […]

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Darlington Provincial Park

After beginning my #FirstDayHike over in McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, I now turn my sights on Darlington Provincial Park next door. From where I’m parking between the two areas, I entered along the Waterfront Trail in the top west corner. This is a wide gravel path, that brings you to a park road. Gravel is […]

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McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve

Somehow my manic research in to green areas escaped me on this one. I chose to visit McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve along with Darlington Provincial Park for my #FirstDayHike of 2019. On Google, it shows two small loops. Upon arriving, there is so much more. No complaints, of course. I love “extra” trails! I just […]

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Happy New Year 2019!

Should auld aquaintance be forget, and never brought to mind? I’m not entirely sure of the question being asked here, but I know it means another year has come to an end – Happy New Year! And with the new year comes new resolutions, of course. But let’s see how terribly I did in 2018 […]