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Bruce Trail: 4 Line to 2 Line EHS (Plus Griffith Ravine Side Trail)

It’s the last day of 2018, which means this is the last hike of the year. I decided to spend it on the Bruce Trail, in Mono, Ontario. I also tried to get up to watch the last sunrise of the year. I did mange to get up, put a jacket on and head out […]

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Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Today is the day I get myself out of the house again! I managed to convince myself to get up and go to Dundas Valley Conservation Area. I actually headed out to Christie Lake, but apparently all those gates are closed. “Closed for the season” – it’s practically April out here! I have been hibernating […]

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Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I spent my time with family in Brampton. First for a big bash on Christmas Eve, then dinner and presents on Christmas Day. Boxing Day is my chance to escape now! Out to Burlington I head to cross Mount Nemo off my list. Mount Nemo Conservation Area is […]

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Etobicoke Creek Trail

Merry – almost – Christmas! I’m heading to my aunt’s today to help set up the craft room for the kids tomorrow night. To make the most of my time out, I decided to go for another piece of the Etobicoke Creek Trail that runs through Brampton (which is near my aunt’s place). This is […]

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York Regional Forest – Robinson & Porritt Tracts

Heading out for an early morning hike is a sure way to get me out of bed on a cold morning. Today was definitely cold, but nothing like we’ve previously experienced. We headed out to York Regional Forest today, to knock off a couple more of their tracts. Namely, Robinson tract and Porritt tract.  These […]

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Handmade Christmas: Monogram Coasters

It’s that giving time of year. This year I’ve made my friends something that goes with last year’s gift from another. You may recall that I received a lovely hand-painted mug. Now my friends will have their own monogram coasters to place their mugs. These patterns come from the wonderful Jenny Goodridge on Pinterest. I […]

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Borer’s Falls CA & Rock Chapel Sanctuary

It’s a beautiful sunshine-y day out there which makes it a lot easier to get out of bed to explore. Today I head out to Hamilton to check out Borer’s Falls Conservation Area, and Rock Chapel Sanctuary. I parked Sully on Valley Road. There’s a small road side area, for maybe three vehicles if the […]

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Happy Valley Forest (Plus Humber Source Woods)

Happy December! I feel like the second half of this year has just flown by. Could be because I was dealing with medical issues for several weeks (and ongoing) and didn’t get to go hiking NEARLY as much as I would normally like. But I got out today! And went to the happiest place on […]