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Bruce Trail: Scotsdale Farm to Duff Pit Side Trail

Today is a there-and-back trip, as opposed to my usual loops. I took to the area of Scotsdale Farm to pick up the Bruce Trail and follow it down to Duff Pit side trail – where there is a loop. As it turns out, there was also a loop around Scotsdale Farm, via the Bennett […]

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Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest

Though I normally don’t visit the same place twice, this is actually my second attempt at Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest. The first time I had some company, and that company was not impressed with the misting rain, or darkening skies and we ended up cutting the hike short – very short. So I had […]

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Christmas in July: Homemade Gifts with Friends

My friends had decided we weren’t going to buy in to the commercial idea of Christmas any longer. The gifts we now exchange are hand-crafted and personal DIY creations. This year I made each of them a ‘Noel cats’ tissue box cover from plastic canvas. While the boxes themselves don’t necessarily take too much time […]

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Boyne Valley Provincial Park

Today I headed out to Boyne Valley Provincial Park to explore the Bruce Trail and side trails that run through it. I decided to start at the junction between Primrose Loop and Boyne Valley proper, along Highway 19. There are three other access points with parking here. This one was roadside, and this is the […]

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Ken Whillans Resource Management Area

Ken Whillans Resource Management Area is a quick stop off Highway 10. I decided to knock this one off in the same day as Belfountain Conservation Area, since I was driving by and my new membership winning was burning a hole in my pocket. It was a pretty busy little place today, as there was […]

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Belfountain Conservation Area

Happy Canada Day! This long weekend I stayed close to home, thanks in part to my winning a random draw for one of 1876 TRCA/CVC Memberships! I took the opportunity to explore a couple conservation areas, Belfountain being first among them. And it was lovely day for it. I arrived before the crowds, thankfully, or […]