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York Regional Forest – Dainty & Clarke Tracts

It’s a beautiful sun-filled day here, so where better to enjoy it than the cover of some forested areas? Off I go to explore the York Regional Forest tracts of Dainty and Clarke. Dainty Tract has the parking lot, just off of McCowan at Aurora Road. So here is where the journey begins. There was […]

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North East Ontario Adventure: Day 4

We started off in North East Ontario, but our day quickly saw us out. This was the last day of our adventure, and it was mostly a lot of driving. My driving, again, so not many photos of our last hurrah is the wild. We had spent the night in the car again at Pancake […]

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North East Ontario Adventure: Day 3

Day 3 of our North East Ontario Adventure started off a little later than others. We weren’t in any spectacular hurry since we knew the hike out was not going to take nearly as long as suggested. Took some more photos around camp, because I didn’t already have enough. Didn’t even realize this guy was […]

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North East Ontario Adventure: Day 2

It’s 6:30am and the sun is barely up, but we’re up and having breakfast. Partly because we’re really excited to get on our adventure, and partly because we’re those psychotic morning people. Hurray! Quick shot of the front country campsite before we tear it down. It’s 7am and we’re hitting the trail. It’s only about […]

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North East Ontario Adventure: Day 1

And we’re off on our little adventure, in large part a road trip! I’m going count the half-day as part of the full day 1, since we only arrived at camp after dark – so it’s practically like being the next day anyway, amirite? Right.. Anyway. We took off from the busy downtown Toronto area […]