Trip Report: Hiking the Splitrock side trail, along the Bruce Trail

Splitrock Side Trail

It is officially the last day of winter!! The weather was cooperative this time and I didn’t even have to wear a jacket out today. Ah-May-Zing! Today I’m off to check out Splitrock side trail, along the Bruce Trail.

Splitrock Side Trail Map

Splitrock side trail is actually a side trail of a side trail. It is off the top end of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, where Walter Trovell side trail ends and 2nd Line EHS side trail begins. 2nd Line EHS side trail follows the road of the same name up to a parking lot off to the right, where Splitrock side trail officially begins.

Splitrock 03

I parked at the top of Mono Cliffs to add a few steps in as this is a particularly short trail. There is roadside parking here where Walter Trovell side trail exits Mono Cliffs – just be sure not to park in front of the gate or you might get towed.

Splitrock 01

I was just about parking before I realized I had forgotten my DSLR. So these photos are all from my phone, which actually does really well, I must say. Go Samsung.

Splitrock 02

Splitrock side trail and Ralph Tremills side trail meet just off the road. I followed Splitrock around taking my usual perimeter route.

Splitrock 04

It was a nice day and I wasn’t bulked down with a winter jacket, so I decided to run this portion of the trail. I only nearly killed myself/broke an ankle maybe 7 times.

Splitrock 07

The eastern portion of the trail offered some pretty views over some surrounding farm land. And then there’s Splitrock Narrows side trail. This odd 100m end-to-end that sort of descends between the ‘split rocks’.

Splitrock 06

And it doesn’t look like it’s well used. At least not in the winter. So naturally, I had to explore it.

Splitrock 09

Coming back up from the Narrows, the Splitrock side trail takes the higher ground and skirts the edges of a field, which is part of the Splitrock Narrows Nature Reserve, and then ends at the aforementioned parking lot.

Splitrock 05

I retraced my steps along the Splitrock side trail, and took Ralph Tremills side trail back to the road.

Splitrock 10

On the road again, following my footprints in the fresh snow, back to the car.

Splitrock 08

1h 10mins
159m elevation gain

Splitrock Route Map

I met a couple on the trail that said this trail was one of the best kept secrets. What trails in your area are best kept secrets? Share with me in the comments below!

Happy Trails,

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