Trip Report: Exploring the North and South Speyside side trails, along the Bruce Trail.

Speyside N&S Side Trails

About 10 minutes north of the 401, off Highway 25, is Speyside. The Bruce trail cuts through here at Sideroad 15. There are a few side trails off this section of the BT – North Speyside, South Speyside and Vanderleck – which intertwine and form a nice day trip.


The Bruce Trail sometimes has some interesting signs, like this one we passed on the way in on Sideroad 17 Access trail; If you must cross-country ski, do so fabulously.


It was actually fortunate that it snowed last night. This trail was very wet in some areas. Had the temperature not dropped, and the snow not added a layer on the ground, it would have likely been a much soggier, muddier trek.


All in all, a good trip. Needed to get out, and get back in to the groove of things. Missed the last three weeks. Tsk tsk. I think I’m just tired of all the brown and snow. I can’t wait for spring, and tree buds, and grass (and my hayfever). At least the evergreens offer a little break.


Monday will find me at Best Buy for an external harddrive so I can start organizing and accessing my photos from last year. Which means there will be some colour added to this blog prior to the this spring!


1hr 40min
78m elevation gain

Happy Trails,

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