Trip Report: Short Hills Provincial Park

Short Hills Provincial Park

If I had a boat, it would have been much easier to get here. Short Hills Provincial Park is directly across Lake Ontario from Toronto. It sits southeast of Brock University, from St. Catherines.

Short Hills Trail Map

Instead, I drove, because I have a car and that’s what I do. Short Hills has great parking – if you get there early, like I did. If you like to sleep in, you will be parking on the road. This place gets pretty busy! Good thing it’s a big park. I chose Swayze Falls loop today, and headed straight down the trail from the parking lot.

Short Hills 01

The trails are well marked, and it was easy to spot my turn off for Swayze Falls.

Short Hills 02

The trail is pretty straight forward, until this one part. Some weird switchback, going around a small creek. A few extra steps to my tally!

Short Hills 03

The park is aptly named ‘Short Hills’ however, those hills sure are steep at times!

Short Hills 04

The rest of it is fairly flat terrain. The trail eventually lead in to a forested area.

Short Hills 05

A few more signs of spring along the path.

Short Hills 07

About halfway through the loop you’ll come across the viewing platform for Swayze Falls. I overheard that the water was flowing very well today – normally it’s much more dry. Great timing to visit, on my part!

Short Hills 06

The trail continued through the forested western edge of the park.

Short Hills 09

I passed a few groups along this stretch; they were headed to the Falls. The Bruce Trail breaks left and continues its path west. I took the right, and followed the park’s trail to complete the loop.

Short Hills 08

A break in the forest, the trail skirts along a hillside overlooking the trees below.

Short Hills 10

At the last bridge crossing, a beaver had made its home. He didn’t hang around long to chat with me.

Short Hills 11

Back up the main path to finish my loop. I’ll have to come back to get the other half of the park!

1h 44mins
208m elevation gain

Short Hills Trail Route

Tell me about a time you happened to visit your destination at just the right moment!

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