Sauble Falls PP

Sauble Falls Provincial Park: Day 2

Back at camp and we’re realizing all this rain has come to a stop. We didn’t want to travel far now, as the sun would be setting in a couple hours and it’s best not to get stuck on a trail if you don’t have to. Instead, we decided to check out the remaining Sauble Trail in our Sauble Falls camp site.

Sauble Falls PP Historic Site

Remember when we checked out the Historic Site yesterday and I said there’d be more to come? This is it!

Sauble Falls PP Trail

The trailhead was conveniently located right next to our campsite. You would be correct in assuming I chose this campsite for that reason.

Sauble Falls PP Trail

It’s a short, wooded trail. At this time of the year there wasn’t much of note going on.

Sauble Falls PP Trail

There’s a nice overlook to the riverbend behind the campgrounds. The boys from the site across from ours were down there fishing.

It didn’t seem that they were successful.

Sauble Falls PP Trail

The trail meanders and is relatively flat. Until you come back around.

Sauble Falls PP Trail

I suppose if we went clockwise, we’d be coming down this bit instead. Oh well.

Still a nice way to end a day that was supposed to be filled with rain. And also, that accounts for my 32,000 steps to great my 32nd birthday!

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