Jefferson Forest

Jefferson Forest – Bond Lake to Swan Lake

It’s cold. Again. And we’re out on the trail. Again. This time we didn’t have to travel far. We are out in Richmond Hill along the Oak Ridges Trail, hiking through Jefferson Forest, from Bond Lake to Swan Lake and back.

I don’t have a map, apart from the dotted lines on Google. This adventure was pretty ad hoc, and I’m fairly certain we missed a bunch of things. Like all of the side trails in Jefferson Forest. So I will be returning.

Eventually I’ll have to give in and buy the Oak Ridges Trail map, since they don’t seem to keen on getting an app out any time soon. This is why I love the Bruce Trail and Trans Canada Trail so. much. more. (Just sayin’)

ORTA - Bond Lake

Anyway, for whatever reason, my SD card decided to hold on to ONE photo from this trail. Which is better than none, but I’m still complaining about loses everything else.

I really need to figure out this digital storage thing.

Anyway, the Oak Ridges Trail portion of this trip is well maintained. Wide lanes, open to cyclists as well, crushed limestone and fairly level. Once you venture in to the Jefferson Forest piece more, they become a little rugged. We took a path much less followed on the way back.

It’s something else to be completely hidden when other trail users are mere meters from you and they have no idea.

Like I said, we missed a bunch of the side trails in Jefferson Forest, but my hiking partner had places to go and things to do apparently so we made a short circuit anyway. Plus, it was cold. Like, really cold. Like, I couldn’t feel my fingers through my gloves trying to take the photos that I no longer have.

Except for this one, of course. Here’s a terrible selfie with my terrible sunglasses:

ORTA Bond Lake to Swan Lake

2hrs 18mins
316m elevation gain

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