Trip Report: Hiking the Bruce Trail side trail, Oliver Creek.

Oliver Creek Side Trail

We’re off to explore another section of the Bruce Trail today – Oliver Creek side trail!

It’s a cold, snowy day today. But apparently not cold enough, or snowy enough to keep anyone indoors! Pulled up to find the parking lot wasn’t plowed – figured it wouldn’t be. Didn’t figure there would be 3 other vehicles pulling up at the same time. Odd to see in the winter, especially because Oliver Creek side trail is a little off the beaten path. Oh well.

Headed out ahead of the group, made our way across the open field. It was a pretty bleak morning.

Oliver Creek 01

The going wasn’t easy. Fortunately, we had picked up trekking poles on Friday. This was our first day using them, and we were glad to have them. The snow banks were cleverly disguised (amongst the rest of the snow) and we often ended up knee deep in them. If it weren’t for the poles, we’d probably have ended up face first in them. When we got past the treeline, someone had apparently ‘shoveled’ the path recently, which was nice. Certainly made it easier to follow!

Oliver Creek 02

The sun did make it’s way out through the clouds as we made our way south towards the other parking lot (I wonder if that was any clearer?).

Oliver Creek 03

The view from the South East lookout, enjoyed with a slice of blue sky, marked out halfway point.

Oliver Creek 04

We found this cutie pie as we neared Walker’s Woods; or rather, she found us! Such a sweetie. She followed us for a bit, and then ended up leading us the last kilometre back to the trailhead. We were able to contact her human from the number on her collar – a GPS collar, by the way. Such great technology. He always knew where she was, but not knowing where he was, we didn’t want to her to follow us back to our car if he had parked at the other lot. As it turned out, he ended up being just a short jaunt up from the trailhead.

Oliver Creek 05

We headed our separate ways after the reunion. The field trail had been blown back over, so we ended up sinking in to snow banks all over again. Such is life. At least the sun was out this time!

Oliver Creek 06

Another good day out on the trails! Still no gaiters, and certainly could have used them even more today than last week, but the shoes held up surprisingly well. Didn’t get wet, and wasn’t at all cold.

Bruce Trail Map 20

1 hr 41 mins
112m elevation gain

Happy Trails,
– Mia

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