North East Ontario Adventure

North East Ontario Adventure: Day 3

Day 3 of our North East Ontario Adventure started off a little later than others. We weren’t in any spectacular hurry since we knew the hike out was not going to take nearly as long as suggested.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 01

Took some more photos around camp, because I didn’t already have enough.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 02

Didn’t even realize this guy was strung up on the tree over the fire last night. Great work. I hope it stays there for a while to come.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 03

The tips of the trees set ablaze by the setting sun. Yes, setting. This one was actually taken last night.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 04

And with that, we packed up and were on our way. Back across the bridge and through the flat, forested area.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 05

The trail was drier this morning than it had been the day before.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 06

And the sun was out, not hidden behind the overcast skies, which made for some striking greens along the way. Unlike yesterday’s very dull palette.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 07

We saw a couple more friends along the trail. This guy was a little camera shy.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 09

And this guy hopped around a bit, seemingly not able to decide which side was his better side.

Pukaskwa National Park Adventure 08

I didn’t bother to track our hike out, since we were coming back along the same trail as we came in. Took just a little over 3 hours, as we didn’t have to push ourselves, fighting against an unknown destination.

And then we were back in the car and heading down the TransCanada towards the next stop in our adventure: Pancake Bay Provincial Park!

Pancake Bay PP 01

Pancake Bay has more than 3km of sandy beaches. It had cooled off significantly today or a swim would have been a serious consideration.

Pancake Bay PP 02

We took the short drive up the highway to the access point to the Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout trail, as it came highly recommended.

Pancake Bay PP 03

It started off on a wood chip trail, wide enough for two to walk side by side.

Pancake Bay PP 04

As it headed up, the trail was more single width than not. But once we got to the top and joined up with the loop, the trail was plenty wide.

Pancake Bay PP 05

We took to the east and headed toward Pancake River and Pancake Falls.

Pancake Bay PP 06

It was gorgeous but little did we know, we had descended in to a mosquito cesspit. Still I had to stop and grab a photo of the falls.

Pancake Bay PP 07

We ended up calling our adventure off at the northeast corner after climbing out of the river valley.

Pancake Bay PP 08

It did no good however. We had awoken the beasts, and they were determined to feast on us. My partner says there was no less than 20 skeeters on the backs of my arms alone.

2h 12mins
200m elevation gain

Pancake Bay Lookout Trail

Can’t say we didn’t try!

Have you ever been driven off a trail because of bugs?

Happy trails,

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