Mission Road Side Trail

This weekend was a cottage weekend! We decided to venture out on to the Bruce Trail Mission Road side trail, around the Scenic Caves of Collingwood.

As usual, the weather is heavily working against us. All week the forecast has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Driving up last night we drove in to rain. We listened to rain all night long. In the morning, it turned in to freezing rain. Rain!

We spent our morning touring the local farmer markets and wasting time waiting for the weather to turn. Which it did, I’m happy to report. We headed back to the cottage for a quick lunch and to meet up with our third musketeer for the day, then off to the Scenic Caves in Blue Mountains for our adventure along Mission Road.

Mission Road side trail map

We didn’t actual visit the ‘caves’. We hiked a loop around them. Parking is off Scenic Caves Road, at the Bruce Trail Lookout. Follow the main Bruce Trail south for a bit until you find the Mission Road side trail signs.

Mission Road Side Trail 01

From here we follow the Mission Road side trail south along the eastern edge of our loop. They have some interesting tastes in tree decor.

Mission Road Side Trail 02

The ice rain this morning at least left us some pretty scenery. The trees were all covered in a thin layer of ice. This is my second favourite thing about winter. (The first is when the trees are SNOW covered)

Mission Road Side Trail 03

The trail soon came back to Scenic Caves Road, and we ended up walking back down a portion of the road we just drove up. Any part of the trail following the road is not my favourite part. At least this one had a view, I guess.

Mission Road Side Trail 04

Being Spring, and having rained recently, a lot of the trail was simply mud or a small stream. Bridges over the actual streams crossing the trail were no reprieve as they were slick too. Even worse once we tracked the mud across them.

Mission Road Side Trail 05

Coming back up the main Bruce Trail on the west side of the loop, the trail overlaps with the Scenic Caves trails which are wider and well-maintained.

Mission Road Side Trail 06

Everything was covered in a thin layer of ice thanks to that morning rain. I couldn’t quite catch the treetops with the overcast backdrop, but the moss-covered rocks modeled well for me. Side note; moss does not only grow on one side of rocks. These rocks were completely covered.

Mission Road Side Trail 07

I love the educational signs you come across on the trails. This one in particular gave us a good laugh, as the K is difficult to read from afar – so Not Learning.

Mission Road Side Trail 08

Despite the ominous start to the day, the hike was a success and all were happy.

1h 58mins
270m elevation gain

Mission Road side trail route

Did crappy weather ever make an unexpectedly positive twist on your adventure? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy Trails,

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