Crothers Woods and Lower Don Parklands

Lower Don Parklands & Crothers Woods

Work is kind of hectic and we needed some outdoor time, so my friend and I headed to one of the greener areas of Toronto. For such a big city, it’s amazing how many little places you can actually get away from the hustle and bustle. Crothers Woods and the Lower Don Parklands is one of those places.

Lower Don Parklands and Crothers Woods

There are many entrances to this area. We came in from Millwood Drive at the north end of the Crothers Woods. There is plenty of parking here, as it is shared with the grocery store.

Another entrance to the south end, from Beechwood Drive would bring you in on the Lower Don Parklands side.

We of course ventured all over. As it would seem by our tracked route, seemingly randomly. Which was fine, it’s a beautiful evening and we were enjoying the great outdoors. And I think we covered just about every trail we could here.

For whatever reason, probably my mind being fried from work, I didn’t take any photos on this trip. Not a single one. Whatever.

You’ll have to take my word for it that the trails here in Crothers Woods and Lower Don Parklands are a great retreat from Toronto, within Toronto. It’s a dog friendly area, and many cyclists rip through here as well. So hikers beware, because these cyclists do NOT care.

The Lower Don Parklands crosses the Don River and joins up with the Lower Don River Trail. This can extend your hike however you’d like. We had planned to do quite a stretch of it, but as we walked, we talked about food, and decided to ditch our hike prematurely.

Priorities, man.

I even chose to immortalize the lovely cupcake I treated myself to at lunch, for tracking purposes.

Lower Don Parklands and Crothers Woods

238m elevation gain

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