Trip Report: Killarney Provincial Park; Chikanishing Trail, Granite Ridge Trail, Cranberry Bog Trail, La Cloche Silhouette Trail

Killarney Provincial Park: Birthday Get-Away Day 1

Killarney Provincial Park, how I love thee.

I was determined I was spending my birthday in the mountains. Since the west coast was out of the question, the most viable option available to me was the only range of mountains in Ontario – La Cloche Mountains. This is a 4.5hr drive from Toronto, straight up the 400/69 until Highway 637.

Killarney Day Trails Map

Killarney is the lesser known area for the Group of Seven, and other artists, paintings. We have those artists to thank for this park today, having lobbied to protect it in 1964.

We stayed at the front country campground, George Lake, just off 637. I would have loved to do the entire La Cloche Silhouette trail, but unfortunately, I didn’t have 5-7 days to give. So I settled for a quick weekend getaway to explore the day hikes in the area.

Chikanishing Trail

Chikanishing Point 01

Chikanishing Point 02

Chikanishing Point 03

Chikanishing Point 04

Chikanishing Point 05

Chikanishing Point 06

Chikanishing Point 07

A streak of quartz, through the granite.

Chikanishing Point 08

My last day as a 30 year old, spent on the north shores of Lake Huron. Not too shabby!

On the Chikanishing trail in Killarney Provincial Park

108m elevation gain

Chikanishing Trail Route

Granite Ridge Trail

Granite Ridge starts off through some old logging area.

Granite Ridge 01

The story behind this car is that the it pre-dates the roads in the area. The old farmer had it ferried in across the bay.

Granite Ridge 02

Granite Ridge 03

Granite Ridge 04

A very windy selfie on top of Granite Ridge.

Windy lookout point on Granite Ridge trail in Killarney Provincial Park

Windy lookout point on Granite Ridge trail in Killarney Provincial Park

Granite Ridge 06

130m elevation gain

Granite Ridge Trail Route

Cranberry Bog Trail

Cranberry Bog ended up being my favourite, despite the obvious lack of cranberries.

Cranberry Bog 01

Cranberry Bog 02

We ended up below water level a few times along this trail.

Cranberry Bog 03

Cranberry Bog 04

Cranberry Bog 05

Cranberry Bog 06

Cranberry Bog 07

Cranberry Bog 08

Cranberry Bog 09

Cranberry Bog 10

1h 15mins
234m elevation gain

Cranberry Bog Trail Route

La Cloche Silhouette Trail

Even though I wasn’t able to to the entire trail, we did venture out in to the wilderness of the Silhouette Trail. It is definitely on my list.

Silhouette Trail 01

Silhouette Trail 02

Silhouette Trail 03

Silhouette Trail 04

Silhouette Trail 05

This is where we decided to head back to camp. The water crossing was not something we were about to attempt while in camp clothes.

Silhouette Trail 06

94m elevation gain

Silhouette Trail Route

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