Trip Report: Kerncliff Park, Ian Reid and King side trails

Kerncliff Park (Plus Ian Reid and King Side Trails)

Back on the Bruce Trail this weekend, visiting Kerncliff Park in Burlington.

Kerncliff Bruce Trail Map

I had originally planned to just do the Ian Reid and King side trails figure 8 loop here but realized it was a little short. So I looked up trails within Kerncliff Park and I was not disappointed.

Kerncliff Park Trail Map

The day started off a little miserably. It was overcast and though the forecast was for a warm, Spring day, it sure didn’t feel like it.

Kerncliff 03

It was brown, bleak and blah. But this boardwalk runs through a water area and the Red Wing Blackbirds were out in full force. It was so loud here, but in a wonderful way! (Red Wing Blackbirds are among my favourite birds!)

Kerncliff 10

Passed some fluffy buds rounding back to the main start. Still blah, but at least it’s a positive sign of Spring to come.

Kerncliff 04

I followed the yellow trail around the eastern edge of the Park. It was very wet, which meant very muddy.

Kerncliff 05

There was a lot of ups and downs, so there was some breaks from stomping through mudholes. As much as I don’t like hills, I knew climbing up there would spare me from the mud at least!

Kerncliff 06

I especially don’t like hills covered in mud. But taking a picture of it with a leafy branch in front of it makes it look less rage inducing.

Kerncliff 07

Why can’t the water just stay in here? There was many water crossing within Kerncliff Park. And many more mud crossings.

Kerncliff 12

Made friends with a few of these guys. I don’t mind snakes. But if it’s warm enough for snakes, that means the bugs are soon to follow *crying*

Kerncliff 08

By the time I sludged my way through Kerncliff Park, the weather took a turn for the better. The sun actually came out while on Ian Reid side trail!

Kerncliff 09

Sunshine and spring buds? Oh, happy days!

Kerncliff 17

Looping back around on the main Bruce Trail, heading towards Kerncliff Park again – more spring buds! And more mud.. but think positive!

Kerncliff 13

As the Bruce Trail passes over to the west of Kerncliff Park, it offers some great views of Burlington and Lake Ontario.

Kerncliff 02

This is the roadside parking for Bruce Trail access. Head north from here and you’ll get those views! I’m heading south at this point to meet up with King side trail.

Kerncliff 14

You can tell it’s Spring again. So many people out on the trail today, within the park, and on the main Bruce Trail, AND on the side trails! I don’t know where these bikers were coming or going but we crossed paths twice.

Kerncliff 16

No sweat for the Bruce Trail though, he seems more than happy to accommodate all us trail users 🙂

Kerncliff 15

Winding back towards Kerncliff Park again, I decided to detour along the road back to the parking lot. Instead I found a little trail off the road, which lead to the top of this cliff, overlooking the boardwalk. A fun little adventure with bonus scrambling!

Kerncliff 01

Back to the parking lot inside Kerncliff Park. The Tyandaga Trail runs along here as well and leads you out the east end of the park. Apparently this is a morning park; the lot was packed when I got here. Not so much, as you can see, when I was leaving.

And in case you are still in doubt that this winter will ever end, here is a beautiful sign of things to come:

Kerncliff 11

1hr 47mins
255m elevation gain

Kerncliff Park Trail Route

Have you found any signs of Spring yet? Share with me in the comments below!

Happy Trails,

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