Bruce Trail: Jacquith Property and Terra Cotta Forest

Bruce Trail: Jacquith Property and Terra Cotta Forest

After the insanity that is climbing mountains, I am very happy to be back in the flat land of Ontario along the Bruce Trail. I had plans to get out for the long weekend, but “jet lag” (read: laziness) got the better of me and I stayed in. And slept. And it was marvelous.

But it’s time to get back to it! So with a little company I headed out to a lesser traveled portion of the Bruce Trail, as it meanders through Jacquith Property and cuts Terra Cotta Forest in half.

Bruce Trail: Jacquith Property and Terra Cotta Forest

As this wasn’t my usual hiking partner, I didn’t take any photos (except for the backwards selfie, before he arrived). I don’t know why I feel weird taking photos around people. This is why I hike alone.

We decided to start at the road-side parking just outside of Jacquith Property, along the main Bruce Trail. There is a side trail that you will cross first, if you come from the south/east as I did. It looks like people do park here – but there is no designated parking.

Jacquith Property itself is a beautiful, dry, wooded area. Even the creek bed we passed was dry. This means no bugs! Be careful not to miss the Rockside Side Trail turn off at the northern edge of Jacquith Property – it’s a little tight and the sign could be covered if the undergrowth is hopping, like it is now in the middle of summer.

Terra Cotta Forest was another story. This was damp, and buggy. Not extremely so, as it has been rather dry for a while in terms of weather. But you can feel the difference in the lower areas, which are the parts of the trail just south of Heritage road.

It was also quite a warm day, and the middle of the afternoon. Yet another reason to hike alone – mornings are best!

All in all, another beautiful piece of the Bruce Trail crossed off my list! Now just all of the rest to go.

Anyway, enjoy my backwards selfie:

Bruce Trail: Jacquith Property

1hr 58mins
189m elevation gain

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