Trip Report: Hiking the Bruce Trail around Inglis Falls Conservation Area

Inglis Falls Conservation Area (Plus Walters Falls Side Trip)

This morning started out so promising. The sun was out. It was seasonably warm. We were up and on our way to the trail with few others on the road. We ended up parking at Inglis Falls, which threw me off. I had it in my head to park at Harrison Park. That didn’t happen. No big deal.

Anyway, we parked opposite of the only other vehicle there at this time and headed out over the bridge over the falls and rounded up towards the damn. The plan was to the take the Keeling side trail and loop back around to the Bruce Trail. Well, that didn’t happen.

Inglis Falls 01

The trail was entirely flooded out. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was a good 4-6 inches deep or better. I know because my hiking partner ended up in it – about three times. So back to the car where she switched out her now flooded hiking shoes for her street style boots.

While she was busy at the car, I checked out the falls, and our alternatives. Fortunately, there are a few loops from here and all lead back to Inglis! Here’s a shot from the top of the falls:

Inglis Falls 02

And we were able to catch a rainbow in the mist, but no pot of gold:

Inglis Falls 03

I tested out the panorama settings on my new phone, which did a pretty good job if I do say so myself:

Inglis Falls Panorama

We headed out east on the (closed to public use) Bruce Trail leading out of the immediate park area, and across Inglis Falls Road towards a field. There was a massive flock of tiny birds fluttering about here. I tried to catch a photo but failed miserably.

Onwards across the field and back in to a forested around. The trail was sometimes melted down to the dirt, and muddy. And sometimes it was snow covered and we ended up sinking to our thighs. It made for quite an interesting (and arduous) journey.

Inglis Falls 04

We followed the main Bruce Trail up to the road and veered right on to Creamery Hill side trail. This was a boring march until we got off the road, and then it got fun. With more snow coverage, this route doubles as a snow mobile trail. As they weave in and out with the curves, they built up snow drifts which fortunately gave us somewhere to walk that wasn’t a creek.

Inglis Falls 05

Speaking of creeks, this monster was anything but. Thank goodness for the strategic placement of those rocks! I was still skeptical crossing here. We just had snow drifts give out on us on Creamery Hill side trail, why should Harrison Park side trail be any different? But we made it.

Inglis Falls 06

The water wasn’t giving up that easy though. Good thing for this bridge! …oh.

Inglis Falls 07

A little detouring and we managed to escape without becoming drowned rats. Well, I did. My hiking partner? Not so lucky. And she had forgotten to bring an extra pair of socks. (As I write this I realize I had a pair in the back of the car and didn’t offer them. I’m a terrible friend.)

Inglis Falls Trail Map

1hr 34mins
177m elevation gain

Even after getting soaked, my hiking partner agreed to stopping at Walters Falls for a quick boo. It was literally right off the parking lot and much less than I had hoped for, but I can cross it off the list..

Walters Falls 02

Walters Falls 01

Have you visited some place that left you less than impressed? Tell me about it below.

Happy Trails,

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