Trip Report: Hiking in Heart Lake Conservation Area

Heart Lake Conservation Area

This weekend’s destination was Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton!

Last week was absolutely beautiful. A wonderful lead up to the weekend before Spring officially began. The weekend being our only chance of escape from the city of course was much less beautiful, and much more frigid. Fine, Mother Nature. Have it your way. But we’re still coming out!

And out we went with an average temperature of -16C before you factor in the windshield (and boy, was it windy!)

Heart Lake Trail Map

We parked outside the gate since it’s winter and the park is technically closed. A few extra steps – no big deal! Rounded the entry way towards trailhead 1 then veered right for post 30 and followed the perimeter trail to the north end of the park.

Heart Lake 01

We passed the newly installed workout areas heading this way. A great idea but will likely be just as crowded as the gym; I’ll pass. Onwards and into the trees!

Heart Lake 02

We rounded the north end of the park and headed back south from post 47. Seems this side of the park got a little more cumulative snow. The sun was out, which is deceiving! It did nothing to warm anything up.

Heart Lake 03

As we began skirting the west edge of Heart Lake, the wind picked up as it always does around bodies of water. Piercing. Biting. Kill-seeking. Some words I’d use to describe the wind.

Heart Lake 04

The geese didn’t seem to mind. Just enjoying a sun bath on the frozen shore.

Heart Lake 05

The lake does look rather nice, partly frozen, reflecting the bright sunshine.

Heart Lake 06

Still can’t convince me to go for a swim in those frigid waters like these geese though.

Heart Lake 07

Eventually the trail left the lakeside and we were again sheltered from the wind (a little) by the trees – a lot of which ended up in the creek, adding to this landbridge’s collection. Following this path lead behind some houses with their own private access points to the park. Note to self; make friends with someone that has private access to a park.

Heart Lake 08

This pretty, little bridge we passed in the south end of the park just before meeting up with the Tran Canada Trail, which we followed back in to the park.

Heart Lake 09

Still lots of sunshine to make sun spots, but still well below freezing.

1h 28mins
206m elevation gain

Heart Lake Trail Route

Have you visited Heart Lake Conservation Area? Share your trip with me in the comments below!

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