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Gatineau Corridor Trail (Plus Thomson Memorial Park)

It’s National Take a Hike Day! I’m so ready to get out on the trails, having been cooped up for the better part of a month with an allergic reaction. But first, I have my Saturday morning class to attend, and today we are writing a midterm exam. Ugh. My mind is trying to concentrate on it, but my head is already in the trees. Although, I ended up staying in the city today along the Gatineau Corridor Trail, also known as the Pan Am Path, also known as The Great Trail (formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail).

Gatineau Corridor

Confused yet?

At least the parking isn’t such a mouthful. There are a few access points, some of which are roadside parking at a few crossing points. I chose Thomson Memorial Park, because I like parking lots, and it was near to the end instead of the in the middle. Conveiently located south of the 401, off Brimley Road, at Lawrence Ave.

Gatineau Corridor

The Gatineau Corridor access is at the south west end of the parking lot. There is also a multitude of dog parks here, so the lot can get pretty busy on nicer days. Today it’s fairly chilly, so plenty of parking options for me.

Gatineau Corridor

The trail is well marked, so you can never forget that you are on the Pan Am Path. Thomson Memorial also starts counting some mileage, though I never figured out where it starts from.

Gatineau Corridor

On some maps the Gatineau Corridor is labelled as Gatineau Hydro Corridor as it follows the hydro lines across Scarborough. Along you won’t see any signs for the Great Trail. Not sure why.

Gatineau Corridor

It gives a lot of places for birds to perch along the trail. Better photographers than I would have a great time here. I did see quite a few Cardinals, a Blue Jay, several Chickadees and some bird of prey that may have been Hawk?

I did not get any photos, though I tried.

And then my battery died. I was well prepared for this.

Gatineau Corridor

It may not look it from my few photos, but there are several road level crossing along this stretch of the Great Trail.

Gatineau Corridor

Up at the north end, where the Gatineau Corridor trail ends (or begins), the Pan Am Path is prominently painted on the ground. Still no reference to the Great Trail.

And then I retraced my steps all the back to Thomson Memorial Park.

Gatineau Corridor

1hr 41mins
126m elevation gain

Hiking Gatineau Corridor Trail - Scarborough, Ontario - Merely McCool
Hiking Gatineau Corridor Trail – Scarborough, Ontario – Merely McCool

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