Durham East Cross Forest CA

Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area

After a terrible morning stuck in the mud, I finally made it on to trail. One of three that I had planned for that day. Thank the stars the Kawarthas actually let you visit Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area.

Durham East Cross Forest CA

For it being nearly Saint Patrick’s Day, and my being Irish and all, I’m not having much luck. I had planned on knocking off Fleetwood Creek and Pigeon River Headwaters, as well as Durham East Cross Forest. But I didn’t quite make it to Fleetwood Creek. I should have just walked in, but I wanted to do the farther trails.. seven kilometers later, I get myself stuck in some muddy ice and have to bother the OPP to get me out. Not my greatest adventure.

The worst part (other than the bill) was that I was literally 5m from the trailhead. The giant puddle was just before the parking lot. This is my life.

After that ordeal I did a driveby of Pigeon River Headwaters, which had the same warning sign of the road not being maintained. Thanks, Kawartha Lakes, for a waste of a trip. Two down, I kept my fingers crossed as I made my way towards Durham East Cross Forest. This one was off a road with a sign that said it wasn’t maintained. Although I could clearly see the parking lot and other vehicles there, I decided to stay on the “maintained” road and walk in.

Because luck isn’t my friend, as you now well know.

To further punctuate this point, my camera decided to format the SD all on its, so I also have no photographic evidence of this outing. Except for this one that made its way to Instagram:

Durham East Cross Forest CA

At this point I was so over the hiking, I ended up skipping the last piece of the South Forest Loop. Bah!

1hr 58mins
208m elevation gain

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