Trip Report: Crawford Lake and Rattlesnake Point Conservation Areas

Crawford Lake Conservation Area (Plus Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area)

Crawford Lake Conservation Area has been on my list since I started this weekly hiking mission. On Good Friday, I finally was able to cross it off in a joint hike towards Rattlesnake Point as well.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point Trail Map

We parked down at Twiss Road, and followed the Bruce Trail through Crawford Forestry Tract.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 0

This bit of trail started off with a bit of climbing over piles of rocks. The trail makes a hard right over a bit of a scramble, but it’s unmarked, so keep an eye out for the blazes at the top of the rock pile!

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 02

The weather has been warming up, thankfully, and we were delighted to see some more signs of spring along the trail.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 02

As we neared Guelph line, the trail cut over the small creek running through the Forestry Tract.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 04

Heading in to Crawford Lake Conservation Area, the trail is wider and well-maintained for ease of access. We split right to follow the main Bruce Trail along the southwest edge of the park.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 05

We reached the first lookout and decided to stop for a quick snack. The turkey vultures put on a great show for us – there were about a dozen circling, and swooping about.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 06

Carrying on, the trail leads to a ‘canyon’ of sorts – a bunch of tumbled rocks leading downwards in to the valley.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 07

We reached the end of it, and caught up with another group of hikers. They kept right, on the main Bruce Trail towards Rattlesnake Point, so we went left on to Leech Porter side trail. And of course, having gone down the canyon, we now had to go up, up, up!

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 08

Rounding out our loop, we head right at the end of Leech Porter side trail and head towards Rattlesnake Point for ourselves. We found some climbers over the edge and stopped to say hi.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 09

We backtracked down the Rattlesnake Point side trail and took the main trail to the left, heading back to Crawford Lake. Instead of climbing back up the canyon, we took the Canyon Bypass side trail. This probably would have been easier if it wasn’t a giant mud slide! At the top of the bypass, we took a right and followed the Crawford Lake side trail back through to meet the main Bruce Trail again.

Inside Crawford Lake they have some spectacular carvings.

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 10

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 11

Crawford Lake & Rattlesnake Point 12

This is about the point where my phone died. I didn’t get the last few kilometers tracked back to the car. Oh well. Back through the Forestry Tract to Twiss Road and the car!

~3h 20mins
~356m elevation gain

Crawford Lake and Rattlesnake Point Trail Route

Are there any parks with interesting art installations near you? Show me what you’ve found in the comments below!

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