Trip Report: Beagle Club Northumberland County Forest

Beagle Club Northumberland County Forest

I chose the Beagle Club for today’s adventure. Off to the East end of southern Ontario, just north of Cobourg. Take Highway 45 to the town of Baltimore and be met with a great selection of hiking trails!

There is a marked parking lot off of the aptly named Beagle Club Road. This is a popular biking destination, so expect to see a lot of bike racks hanging off the cars. The bike trails are separate from the hiking trails, so don’t worry about any unfortunate encounters.

Beagle Club Trail Map

There are two arches on either side of the trail head; one is Enter and one is Exit. I should have taken the Exit. I followed a family with young children in, so the first bit of my trek was slower than usual. Just meant more time for photos!

Beagle Club 01

The trails are well-marked with circular blazes that point you in the right direction. It didn’t help me much, apparently. But I’m sure they work well for others.

Beagle Club 02

This is also a popular dog trail. All the dogs! I was in heaven. I arrived at the same time as Duke, and him and I (and his family) headed in to the trails together for the first leg. Another dog (and it’s lady) caught up to us just before the Blue and Green trails separate.

Beagle Club 03

Hello, sunshine! What a beautiful day it was.

Beagle Club 04

I had intended on following the Green trail around the forest. I made a snap decision when the other dog met up with Duke and his family. The distraction gave me the opportunity to sneak past the family without disturbing them – but so did the lady and her dog, and they went the Green trail route. So I decided instead to take the Blue trail and meet up with the Green trail on the other side of the forest.

Well.. somewhere along the way, I was paying more attention to Mother Nature and not enough attention to the handy little trail blazes. Suddenly, there was a white, painted blaze – this is the Oak Ridges Trail. I don’t know when I turned, but I did. No sweat, it took me back to the Green trail, away from the family and away from the lady!

Beagle Club 05

The Green trail skirts the bottom of the forest and there is a point labeled The Hog’s Back. I don’t know the story of it, but it is a deceiving thing. It is a small ascension by switchback. Or so it seemed as I approached it. It turned out to be a little more than I had anticipated and had me out of breath!

Beagle Club 06

The trail continues to wind through the western edge of the forest, crossing a couple motorized trails as well. Winter still clings desperately to the trails in some areas.

Beagle Club 07

And in other areas of Beagle Club, the ‘fun guys’ are out to play.

Beagle Club 08

I skipped out on the top end of the Green trail, and took the dashed Green B trail back to the eastern trail to loop back to the parking lot. This area is under a Logging Advisory. I lucked out, being that no one works on Sundays but if you are in the area through the week, be on the lookout for moving machinery and steer clear!

Beagle Club 09

Those logging machines sure do make a mess! Though most of the motorized routes did look pretty beat up like this.

Beagle Club 10

2hrs 11mins
282m elevation gain

Beagle Club Trail Route

Do you prefer to meet people along the way, or have the trail (seemingly) all to yourself? Tell me why in the comments below!

Happy Trails,

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