Trip Report: Hiking at Ardagh Bluffs, in Barrie.

Ardagh Bluffs

Who in their right mind goes hiking in -16c weather?? We do, apparently. Even drove all the way out to Barrie in order to do this – to Ardagh Bluffs. Barrie has a lot more snow than we do here in Toronto. Most of our disappeared with the rains through the week. Not Barrie. Their snow banks were taller than my car. Granted, I drive a pretty small car, but still.

Anywho, out to Barrie we went to check out the Ardagh Bluffs – a nice little piece of greenery nestled in between a few subdivisions.

Ardagh Bluffs 01

Or, I assume it would be green were it not for the all the snow. The trail is however well-used and the snow was quite compact for our trip. Which is good because I didn’t bring my boots and I still don’t have those snow gaiters.

Ardagh Bluffs 02

It was a lot of up, and down, and back up, then back down. The trail, while nice, was not what I was expecting from the name ‘bluffs’.

Ardagh Bluffs 03

We came to this crossing at about the mid-point in the loop. I couldn’t see any bridge-like structure hiding under the snow, and the path certainly lead across the frozen water. I’m not very curious to see this in the spring after the snow melts. How does one cross?

Ardagh Bluffs 04

I’m not sure what the orange-leafed trees are, but they were a nice a break from all the brown bark and white. It was probably about this point that my phone died from the cold and stopped tracking my hike. Fortunately my hiking partner had her tracker on, so all was not lost.

Ardagh Bluffs 05

This hall of trees was near the end of our journey. I love the order in the straight lines of these planted forests. It appeases my ever-so-slight OCD.

Ardagh Bluffs 06

We followed the yellow loop of this trail map. It is well-marked with yellow circles. There are some side trails that lead to various entrances, those are marked with yellow triangles. And them there are shortcuts that the locals have carved, which are unmarked.

Ardagh Bluffs Trail Map

1 hr 31 mins
72m elevation (maybe?)

Happy Trails,
– Mia

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