North East Ontario Adventure

North East Ontario Adventure: Day 4

We started off in North East Ontario, but our day quickly saw us out. This was the last day of our adventure, and it was mostly a lot of driving. My driving, again, so not many photos of our last hurrah is the wild.

We had spent the night in the car again at Pancake Bay PP. Not because we were in any rush come the morning, but because those masses of mosquitoes from the Lookout Trail had followed us back. I don’t know how the guy was still sunbathing on the beach. Unless he was already dead; all the blood sucked out of him. He was pretty pale.

Anyway, we set out on the last leg of our adventure, along the TransCanada Highway, to Manitoulin Island. There are quite a few trails around here and the plan was to stop at a shorter one along the way. However, the weather gods decided today was a good day to open the heavens and rain down on us. Also, there was some Georgian Circuit cycle-a-thon going on and we were slowed down considerably by all the bikes.

We wound our way slowly down towards the ferry docks for the MS Chi-Cheemaun boarding. Turns out the bikes were also getting on the ferry with us. We finally parked the car in line, and were able to get out and stretch. Not having enough time for a trail, we opted for some late lunch at a fish & chips place.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

I was able to get a few photos as we waited, then we were back in the car and waiting to board the ferry. We were fairly close to the front of the line, so we were able to watch the procession of vehicles boarding afterwards.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

I also took the opportunity to grab a shot of the artwork before the crowds got in the way.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

A quick shot of the lighthouse on the way out.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

Since it was a rather overcast day, and the rains kept threatening to come (but only misted constantly), most people stayed inside the ferry. I don’t blame them, it was cold and slightly wet outside. But we couldn’t settle in so we wandered.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

We made friends with the personnel running the Boatique, the gift shop on board. When I say “friends” I mean more that he probably thought we were off some meds. In our boredom we decided it would be a good idea to hunt down all the fire stations on board, so we asked him how many there were. And he must have been bored too, because he called the captain to ask.

So off we went – there were 56, but some were on lower decks that we didn’t have access to. We found 23, so not too shabby.

MS Chi-Cheemaun Adventure

I managed to get a shot of the Cove Lighthouse as we passed. Everything was wet at this point, and we had to make due with staying inside but I chanced the misty rains for a crappy shot.

We docked in at Big Tub in Tobermory, and they began off-loading the vehicles. Being one of the first in, meant we were one of the last off unfortunately. So we had a good chunk of traffic down much of the peninsula along Highway 6.

Once we reached Owen Sound, and had plenty of opportunity to cut across to other roads, we made good time. We rolled in to Toronto around 9:30pm, exhausted and ready for bed. And so ends our adventure!



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