2018 Kick Off

2018 Kick Off – A Look Back plus Resolutions

Happy 2018! Does anyone else feel like 2017 passed by in a blink? Seems like just last week I was writing out those resolutions. …and just yesterday when I completely abandoned them (oops).

Farewell 2017

So, how did I do with my resolutions? Well, I’m still here, typing this all up for you! It was rough but I managed to maintain some sense of a blog over the last year. I definitely ran out of steam somewhere in the September/October range. That is also when my hiking trips started to dwindle, which left me little to nothing to write about (without actually putting some thought in to it!) I guess three quarters of the year is nothing to scoff at. It’s certainly farther than I’ve made it in past years!

Aside from hiking and blogging, I had put some serious effort in to cleaning up what I eat. This started with a two week challenge that my friends and I took part in. It included cutting out sugars, dairy, bread, red meat, among other things. It was eye-opening having to be aware of what you are consuming. After the two weeks were up, I started a meal prep routine that continued a few of the challenge items. All was well until about March, then my job kicked in to overtime and my meal prep Sundays were spent in the office along with many late nights. I have not gotten back in to the prep routine, but I still try to be conscious of the foods I do pick up on the go. This means I get a lot of raw veggies and fruits, but it’s nowhere near a balanced diet.

Hello 2018

Now what’s on the agenda for this year? Blogging, of course! More consistent, and more variety. I have stumbled across some writing prompts, broken down in to months. They are more on the personal side, and I feel some of the topics will either be downright boring or entirely too much of an overshare, BUT it should help in getting me in to some sort of writing routine, and that is ultimately the point of this endeavor.

Hiking will also be making a comeback to the list of resolutions – complete with an ever-growing Bucket List of Trails. I am (currently) determined to do an entire 52 weeks of hiking trails. This was the original idea behind it all back in 2016 when I returned home from Europe, and even that year I missed about three weeks for some excuse or another. I need to put my foot down with myself and get through it. Will 2018 be the year? Stick around and find out!

Also making a comeback will be the clean(er) eating. I say (er) because I really don’t care to go the whole mile. I don’t have any serious health needs, nor am I in terrible shape. Throughout 2017, I had taken notice of the queues my body gives me when I overdo it with something (like acidic foods) and am learning the steps to take to balance it all out. Moderation is the key, and that will be the aim moving forward – along with some meal preps!

On top of the three carryovers, I am adding some financial goals. I’ve got a mix of the Ramsey teachings combined with some savings challenges. And all of this is to be tracked in something of a “bullet journal”. Thanks be to Pinterest for some really cute spread ideas (that I will definitely share in a future post!) for a visual reminder of what my aim is and how far I’ve come.

Lastly, this year should be the year that I empty out the storage locker. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal all on its own. But there are several other steps to take before I can get there! Such as conquering the basement – *gasp*shock*horror* – which should really be a goal unto itself. Any way you slice it, getting rid of the storage unit is getting rid of a large expense, which ultimately helps my financial goals. Win – win – win!

Do you make resolutions for the new year? Do you follow through with them? Link up your New Year Resolutions post in the comments below!

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make 2018 the best year yet.

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