Welcome, Charlotte Jasmine!

Charlotte Jasmine – Welcome, baby!

Since hearing of my friend’s pregnancy, I’ve been working on a few small stitches here and there. Finally the time has come – Charlotte Jasmine has graced us with her presence. Now to put it all together and hand it over!

Charlotte Jasmine welcome baby cross stitch

The Pieces

When I first stumbled upon this pattern on Pinterest (pattern no longer available from JoAnn), I thought I couldn’t get any closer to the mark. “Princess. ‘Nuff Said.” Having grown up with her mother, even if she only slightly resembles her, this statement will hold true.

Charlotte Jasmine welcome baby cross stitch

The second pattern, also found while wasting time on Pinterest, is from this lady’s lovely gift for her sister. I fell in love with the gradient/ombre feet – which gave me an excuse to use more than one shade of thread but still blocky enough that I wouldn’t lose interest.

Charlotte Jasmine welcome baby cross stitch

Elephants were the theme for the baby shower, and 99% of the gifts for the baby’s room. So elephants was a safe choice for the official stitch. Especially pink elephants like this one, also found on Pinterest. Naturally, this one was rushed through the day after Miss Charlotte Jasmine joined the world.

Charlotte Jasmine welcome baby cross stitch

The Product

I am typically not very good at finishing my stitches. I mean, I often complete the pattern, but that is largely where it ends. Cleaning, ironing, framing, and the like – this is not my strong suit.

Luckily, stitchers are in short supply in the circles of friends we keep. So, while I may be bothered with the frames not sitting evenly, my friend and her baby’s daddy (and her dad and grandmother) were absolutely thrilled with it.

Charlotte Jasmine welcome baby cross stitch

She couldn’t wait to get it up on the wall in her place. Last I heard, the 3M hook gave way so she was bugging the father to put a nail in the wall. One of these days I’ll sneak a photo of it.

Charlotte Jasmine 2 days old

The Princess

And here is Charlotte Jasmine, just about 55hrs old. I managed to snap a photo of her eyes opening in response to her mother’s voice.

Charlotte Jasmine filtered

Sleeping is how she spent most of the afternoon with us, which kept her still enough for some filter fun. Cats are among the top rated animals for this kid, besides elephants (pink or not) and unicorns.

Welcome, Charlotte Jasmine!!

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