Homemade Gifts: Monogram Coasters - Merely McCool

Handmade Christmas: Monogram Coasters

It’s that giving time of year. This year I’ve made my friends something that goes with last year’s gift from another. You may recall that I received a lovely hand-painted mug. Now my friends will have their own monogram coasters to place their mugs.

Homemade Gifts: Monogram Coasters - Merely McCool

These patterns come from the wonderful Jenny Goodridge on Pinterest. I have a feeling there will be a few more of her designs in my future. They’re cute and really simple, and you should definitely check her out.

Originally, I thought to leave the tops open as a pocket. I was going to stick a packet of hot chocolate in it. But I decided on coasters as much more useful. And monogram coasters are just that much more fun.

I am still adding hot chocolate. Because who doesn’t love a good mug of hot chocolate to put on your new monogram coaster? I guess people that prefer bitter coffee or tea. Of decaf. Is there caffeine in hot chocolate? 

Homemade Gifts: Monogram Coasters - Merely McCool

I had also considered making them in festive colours (as I will be doing for my aunt and uncle).  But their favourite colours made a little more sense so they can use them all year long. Because monogram coasters are good for more than just hot chocolate (but I won’t judge if that’s all they use them for).

Homemade Gifts: Monogram Coasters - Merely McCool

I posted these on Instagram as teaser and I now have requests from my aunt. Expect to see more of these – hopefully before Christmas??

Do you make handmade gifts for the holidays? I’d love to see your creations – drop a comment below with a link to your blog or wherever you’ve posted them!

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