Christmas in July

Christmas in July: Homemade Gifts with Friends

My friends had decided we weren’t going to buy in to the commercial idea of Christmas any longer. The gifts we now exchange are hand-crafted and personal DIY creations.

This year I made each of them a ‘Noel cats’ tissue box cover from plastic canvas.

Christmas 2016 No-o-el

While the boxes themselves don’t necessarily take too much time to complete, maybe 5-6 hours each, there were five of them to make. Finding the time to complete them was a bit of a challenge and something I seriously underestimated.

I also completely miscounted how many I needed to make. I had the colour combinations chosen in my head, and somehow it all made sense. Until I went to put names on them. I was one short. So I had to figure out another combination of colours that fits with Christmas. The last one would be the silver one – I’m still not 100% sold on that one, but hopefully my friend will enjoy it.

Christmas 2016 Silver

My friends and I actually got together in February to exchange our Christmas gifts. Needless to say, I was nowhere near ready to hand mine out. Oops.

Christmas 2016 No-el

That was what I had completed when we met up for Christmas dinner. Apparently my life is a little more time-consuming than I had first anticipated (and my procrastination game is strong). I’ve only now just made the push to complete them in time to hand them out for my very own Christmas in July.

Christmas 2016 Noel

Now that I’ve finally completed my part of Christmas, I can open their gifts! Here is my haul (from February *ahem*):

Christmas 2016

They made a coupon for nail treatment; a perler bead Sailor Pluto (my favourite sailor scout!); a foot scrub and cream; two bars of natural soap; and a hand-painted mug with gaming references.

I’m pretty lucky to have such awesome, and creative friends!!

Do you give handmade gifts and/or receive them? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Merry Christmas-in-July!

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